Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Weekend Wrap Up!

Well I had a pretty swell weekend, how about you? It has cooled down a bit in our neck of the woods, so it actually felt like December. Imagine that! This post is going to be all over the place, so...fair warning. :) And there might be a Reagan picture overload thrown in here somewhere for good measure.

I can honestly say that I don't remember anything about Friday. I'm racking my brain, and the only thing I can come up with is that I ate McDonalds. So there you go - my Friday - McChicken and sweet tea. Moving on.

Saturday was fantastic, because I actually got out of the house. Isn't it a bit sad that all it takes is a trip to the mall to make me feel like I'm living large these days? :) We took little man with us while the girls spent some time with Eric's parents. Reagan is the best third wheel EVER. By far our easiest traveling baby. He can come along with us on date nights any old time he pleases as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, Eric and I have committed to spending as little money as possible this week to prepare for the final stretch of the holidays, so while we didn't buy a whole lot while we were out and about we did exchange a few things, took advantage of some price adjustments, and returned some items that didn't work so that by the time we walked back in the door on Saturday evening we had more money in our account than we had when we left home. Haha. Score one for the budgeting team!

There was one sad thing about Saturday though that I think is worth commemorating. I stopped by my parent's house before we left for our night out to take some last pictures of a very (very) old friend....

My parents started noticing that some tile work in their living room was beginning to buckle, and they suspected that the giant maple tree in their yard was the cause of it. They made a call, and sure enough, the one and only shade tree they have (and the largest tree in the neighborhood) was causing foundation issues for their house. Sadly, the only solution was to remove the entire tree. :(

That tree has been in the background of many photographs on this blog, and I can tell you, it will be sorely missed. Just what we will do in the summertime when it's hot and the kids want to swing in the shade? Almost makes me shed a tear or two thinking about it. And it's just so darn sad to have to remove a perfectly good and very wanted tree.

Yesterday, in the cold and rain, the Feldt family's old friend was removed branch by branch and hauled away. I think about trees a lot, actually. How much history they have seen compared to what most people will experience in a lifetime. Most trees were here before I was born, and they will still stand when I am gone. I never would have guessed that this tree, planted in the ground decades and decades before I existed, would see it's end before I would.

So long Mr. Maple tree. We'll definitely miss you, and we wish you didn't have to go!

And now to pull myself out of this mild depression, I present to you Reagan Robert. Lover of art and all things bright and colorful. This picture hangs in the living room at Eric's parent's house:

And would you like to see how much joy it caused my baby boy when he discovered it yesterday?

Why, I'll show you.

Be still my heart. He's so precious to his mama!

After church and lunch and a quick trip to pick up groceries we came home to relax and make a yummy steak dinner. Well, I thought it was yummy. Eric was ticked that the instructions the steaks came with caused his to be overdone to his liking. Haha. My husband likes his meat to moo at him, if ya know what I mean.

And while we were hanging out, I received a special delivery I had been anticipating for quite some time. I've shared her link before, but I'll share it again. Christine at My Crafting Madness does such a great job making cute crocheted accessories at super affordable prices. I really can't say enough good things about her! Here's what she dropped off last night:

A whole stack of adorable "night caps" I had ordered for some Christmas presents this year.
White and red for the boys, pink and red for the girls.
Ack! I just love them.

All of the younger children in our family are getting one of these, because I think they're darling, and I also thought they would make the cutest pictures on Christmas Eve. :) So to my sister-in-law Amy, if you're reading this, act surprised when Austin and Tessa open these, k? Haha. Oh, and mom, you too! 

This isn't the first time Christine has come through for me. I showed you the adorable owl hat she made:

It fits him a little better now than it did then, hehe.

And we love the dinosaur hat that she whipped up for us:

You can't tell in these pictures, but there are little "spikes" that run down the whole back of the beanie. Adorable!

If you need photo props for your business, need a creative gift (she's totally booked for Christmas!), or just want something special for your own little bean, then I highly recommend Christine. :)

Oh, and this picture cracks me up.

He's such a good, happy baby!

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of the girls this weekend, if you hadn't noticed. I tried really hard to get them to pose before church yesterday morning, but Gracie was NOT having it, haha. 

One day this week I'm going to share what our temporary family member Moe has been occupying his time with. Our tiny friend has been up to quite a few shenanigans, and the girls have been LOVING it.

Until then, here's a little preview of what we found Moe up to one morning....

Oh boy! Stay tuned. :)


Christine Pettijohn said...

Thank you so much for the shout out!!! He is so cute in that dino hat :) I am over the moon happy that you liked everything. I am always nervous when handing over the end result.

Kim Luke said...

that last pic is so cute! Reagan reminds me of a old man with that toothless smile!! hehe :)
I need to meet him in person!!!!

Cassie said...

love ALL of this!! love love love.

ps did i see a "FR" sign in your front yard..... if so is there a blog post coming on this soon......


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