Friday, January 25, 2013

Confession Friday 1-25!

Not wasting any time today!

I confess that I'm already planning Evelyn's future for her, and it includes a semester in the Disney College Program. Too late for me, but who wouldn't want to spend a semester working for Disney?? Haha, she's a Disney nut, she'll love it. :)

I confess that I just took three STACKS of clothes downstairs that Reagan has outgrown already, and I could cry. The word "outgrown" should NOT apply to my child yet.

I confess that my new favorite exclamation of frustration is "fart shoes!" Why? It's hilarious. Use it. You'll see. Turn that frown upside down, my friend.

I confess that I NEED $150 for some stuff, and I'm trying to think of clever ways to drop hints to Eric about it. Hmm...hey, Eric? I need some cash, dude! HINT. :)

I confess that I tried to drop hint #1 last night as Eric was trying on some new shoes. "I sure wish I could get some new clothes," I said. He said nothing. Fart shoes!

I confess that about this time last year I was confessing that I thought I was pregnant, "but I'm so not, so don't worry!" Heh.

I confess that I thought I was experiencing some sort of weird deja vu when I saw pictures of Eric and Grace from the day we went swimming:

Then I realized that's because I have a bunch of the same pictures of Eric and Evie from when we took the kids swimming last year!

Ah, she looks so little!

I confess that I had to apologize to my children this morning for a state of morning grogginess that included telling Evelyn to get her own dang juice - it's not rocket science, I said. Haha, I was half asleep! 

I confess that when I read old blog posts I always think I was just a little cooler then than I am now. I think it's the kids. My cool quotient drops with each child and is replaced with a bit of CRAZY.

I confess that I always pictured my Reagan to have dark hair and eyes like his daddy, that's just what I knew he would look like. Instead, he's my only blue eyed child and the new hair that is growing in on his head is super blonde! I've never been good at predicting anything about my babies....

I confess that that baby is cooing at me and giving me his flirty eyebrows, and well...I'm outta here! :)

Have a great weekend!

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