Friday, January 4, 2013

Confession Friday 1-4!

I sat in my car in the driveway for five minutes the other night refusing to move because I thought a creeper was knocking on the back window. I finally mustered up some courage and ran into the house where Eric told me I was nuts and said to "Just go!" So I went back outside. Got in the car. And there was that knocking again. I turned around, and no one was there. Freaked me OUT. I ran back into the house. Eric proceeded to make fun of me, so I gave it one more try. If the idiot wanted to mess with me - fine. I'd run his behind over. :) Fifteen minutes after I should have been gone I got in the car, heard the knocking again, and turned around lightning fast. "Got you, you little - ohhhh...." My back windshield wiper was on. Doh!

I confess that I think an intruder is trying to break into our house almost every night, and it always turns out to be our ice maker clunking around. I must be one paranoid lady!

I confess that feather boas are my arch nemeses. I've got pink feathers floating all around my house and coming out of my ears. Think the girls would notice if some of their dress up just magically disappeared?

I confess that Reagan has been sleeping through the night like a champ, and he's such a good baby that I almost want another someday. Almost. :)

I confess that my husband is an equal-opportunity towel employer in our home:

How often do you see "his" and "hers" towels hanging on someone's oven? Hehe. I've tried to explain the difference between dish towels and hand towels before, but ya know... it's just one of the many things I gotta love about my handsome hubby. :)

I confess that we can't order the girls' bunk bed soon enough. Now they BOTH want to crawl in bed with mommy and daddy, and newsflash: our bed isn't getting any bigger.

I confess that our Christmas tree still isn't completely down. Not my fault - I did my part. :) Eric keeps putting it off, haha. But as long as it's up I HAVE to have the lights on. It's just ugly without them. ;)

Evelyn says she has something to confess: "I love Grace and Reagan...ya know?" Aw, yes, I know. I kinda like em, too. :)

I confess that I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant at Disney World - like, every night. I know I've said that I've been enjoying this baby thing, but I'm not gonna lie, I wake up every morning thinking, "Whew - just a dream!"

I confess that for the first time ever, I'm going to be starting a workout routine. I don't want to just lose weight this time, I want to be toned. Baha, we'll see how this works out. P90X, here I come.

I confess that I really don't have any funny pictures for you today, but I love these. ( I think I showed you one, but I have dozens, haha.) Poor Reagan gets smothered by his sisters. :D

^^That last one gets me every time. I can almost hear him saying, "Heh. Ladies, ladies, please...." :)

So anyway, it's FRIDAY, and that means I am very happy, and I hope that you are, too! Aaaand, one of my children is running nude on the countertops. Gotta go!


Kim Luke said...

hahahaha. one of my kids is running nude on the counter top. hilarious!!

I love the sibling love. I'm so glad we decided to have more than 1!!!! <3

Happy Friday! Don't forget to beg Eric for the Dicarlo's! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Already sleeping through the night! That's great! How did you do it?!?! Ours was born in September and only sleeps through the night 90% of the time.

BTW- did you see this?

Cassie said...

oh you are too funny. i have freak outs about little things too. i call it, mom freaks. lol. i never freaked about stuff like this til i was a mom.

good luck with the P90X. you get it girl!

Adrien said...

Haha, naked kids, freaking out...story of my life! :D

Thank you for sharing that link, I hadn't seen that! Love our doctor! Oh, and my secret for sleeping through the night...shhh...don't tell. I let my kids sleep on their bellies. :)


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