Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Evelyn's Photojournalistic Adventure

Whew, I took some MUCH needed time away from the internet yesterday. Do you ever have those moments where you stop and realize, "Um, I spend half of my life looking at a computer screen?" (Or phone or iPad, etc. Good for you, if you don't!) Well, that's how I felt after Monday. Just couldn't stand it anymore, haha. I had planned to stay away all day long, but I did hop online for a few minutes in the late afternoon/evening while feeding Reagan. Not much else to do but stare at the walls or watch preschool TV!

Our schedules have seemed a bit crazy since the holidays, so this week we are laying low, and I'm thankful for the rest. No big projects on the agenda, either. That doesn't make for very exciting blog posts, I'm afraid. So I thought I would turn today's post over to one of my children....

We use iPhoto to organize the thousands of family photos that we take, and one of the features of the program is that our phones automatically sinc to our computer. So if we take a picture with our phone, it will show up in an album in iPhoto. This is a very handy feature, but since our kids often stowaway with our phones, there are usually some pretty interesting photos that pop up in our family albums. :)

One of Evelyn's favorite things to do is take pictures, and it's so funny to see the world through her eyes when I come across a bit of her photography. So I pulled just a few random pictures of hers that I found, and I thought I'd let her explain what is going on in each of them. If these make no sense, that's because I typed exactly what she told me to say, haha. Without further ado, heeere's Evie!

I did Buzz and Woody and Jessie and Buttercup. They were getting all blurry, and I cried and cried...but, I didn't want to. It's not very helpful. Jessie and Buzz and Woody and Buttercup said, "Hi, Evie!" I took them on photograph. Then I took them on megagraph. Then I took them on photograph. Then I did crool-a-thoon - that's Spanish.  

Gracie's picture with her butt! Gracie was in the Bumbo seat, and then she got her diaper off, and then her butt was in there. HAHAHA. 

Reagan had cried, and then he was really really mad! I taked the picture of Reagan on his star blankelet.

 That's Toca fairytale! So, it has a man and a girl, and that's all. Let's go to the NEXT Toca fairytale picture...let's zoom down!

Gracie was getting into your makeup, then she got her makeup all over her! She did get in trouble, she really did get in trouble. Gracie looks like ghost colors, maybe I guess. Me and Gracie were in there.

Daddy looks like nothing. You said, "No!" and daddy said, "I love you Evie." 

There was an Ariel story - dad was reading it! I took it of Eric and Ariel. Uh...I love daddy, because he's so nice and sweet.

I asked Evelyn if she would like to say anything about her blogging experience or if she had anything to say to our friends. And she said:

Uh huh. I want to say, "Hello, my name is Evelyn." I like them! Mickey Mouse. Happy Birthday Austin. Minnie Mouse. Happy Birthday to John. That's all!

Haha, that's my kid! I just about DIED laughing when I saw the pictures of Gracie covered in make up. I didn't realize Evie was taking pictures of it while it was happening, but yes - that's the face I get all the time from Grace...What, mom? What am I doing wrong? Partners in crime, I'll tell you what.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into Evie's world. Let Evie know what you thought about her pictures, and I'll be sure to pass on your messages. She would be tickled pink to hear from you! Have a great day, friends. :)


Heather said...

Tell Evie I think she did wonderful taking photos and I hope she can teach me how sometime!

Adrien said...

Evelyn said, "Teach her...what? How to take photos?? Oh boy!" Haha.

Kim Luke said...

omgosh those makeup pictures!!!!! bahahahha!!!
I love the pictures Evie! great job!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Love your photos Evie! Keep up the good work.

Adrien I love the new blog header :)

Katie said...

I think Evie may have a future in photography :)

Adrien said...

Thank you, all - you put a smile on Evelyn's face today! :)

Sara Simpson said...


April Robert said...

Evie you are a great writer like your mom. Your photos were great! Keep on taking those photos! Your Uncle Denny and I love you, Grace, and Reagan very much. Please give Arnold hugs from us!

Denny said...

Evie, this is amazing! I love your pictures and words. I miss you!

Ashley N. said...

Evie, you take the BEST pictures! I can't wait to see more!


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