Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the halls of Red Bud High School to the shores of Tripoli!

I don't believe I've mentioned it here yet, but my baby sister Shannon...you know, this one:

...decided quite a while ago to enlist in the Marines. 

The Marines.


Ahhh! Not the Army. Not the Air Force. But the Marines.

We all took our turn trying to talk her out if it of course, haha. Tried to convince her that she was a little insane in the membrane. But she was dead-set on enlisting, and it was going to be the Marines or nothing. Her dream was to be an MP (Military Police), but she's a petite little thing like the rest of the women in our family, and Shannon came up just a couple of inches too short. That didn't deter her, though. She's just as excited as ever to leave our tiny town and start a new adventure. 

As her big sister I've been worried about this whole idea from day one, but Shannon has really proven that this is exactly where she should be. Already in her training she has won awards for being the fastest or best all-around female in our region - which encompasses all of the surrounding states. Well, alright then! We hear ya, sister. Go and be a Marine. :)

Shannon leaves for bootcamp on June 3 after she graduates from high school , which also happens to be Eric's birthday. We're praying that she has a not-too-terrible experience (because can anyone really call bootcamp "good" or "fun?" haha) and that she learns and grows from it! 

And that brings us to yesterday. Shannon asked me to help her out with a presentation for her Senior English class. Her assignment was to demonstrate something that she is good at, and since she pretty much eats, sleeps, and breathes this Marine stuff, she decided to demonstrate how to do a military bun hairstyle for females. Of course she needed someone to model for her, and that someone was me!

My rad name tag. I couldn't remember the date, so I guessed. I guessed wrong. :)

It was so weird walking into the high school where I spent four of my own teenage years while the school day was still going on. It's different being there for a sporting event or something else. But to have to sign in and be a visitor? Weird. Weird like moving away from home and then having to sign in and wear a name tag when you come back, haha. 

I did learn something though while practicing with my sister for her project. There is a regulation for everything in the military, and how the ladies wear their hair is no exception. The bun has to sit "so far" from the nape of your neck and be no wider than three inches and not too high and if you have any fly-aways you get strung up by your toes or something. Okay, I made that last part up, but really. Fly-aways are a no no. :)

I didn't take any pictures while I was at the school, cause that would be awkward, and well...no cell phones allowed in class! So I tried to get a picture when I came home.

I'm really NOT good at self-portraits, haha.

And Gracie couldn't resist me sitting there....

 That would be a huge chunk of apple in her mouth. I love her even if she is a mess!

I feel like I was channeling on my own inner Olive Oyl here.

Yep, you get the idea. A bun! :)

I have actually grown kind of fond of wearing my hair this way over the past couple of days. It's pretty easy and quick, and my hair is not in my face. Awesome! Maybe I should be a Marine. BAH! Funniest thing I've said all year. 

We're planning on having a big graduation/send off party for Shannon this Spring. It's gonna be so strange not seeing her around all summer long. But we are very proud of her and wish her all the best! Good luck, little sister!


Meagan said...

Good luck to your sister! My brother is going into the Air Force after he graduates this year to be an MP so I know exactly how you are feeling!

sblind2 said...

Congrats and the best of luck to Shannon!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Good luck Shannon!!!

Heather said...

Awww good luck! I don't think I could handle my sister doing that. NERVES!

Adrien said...

Thanks, girls! I'll pass the well wishes along. :)

Ashley N. said...

She will do just fine! And, with Amber being in the military, I can tell you that bootcamp is the worst part for the family. You don't get to talk to them fro "x" amount of weeks...but AFTER bootcamp, you just have to hope that they want to talk to you :)


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