Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh, What Fun...!

It's a Merry Simpson Christmas!
Yes, I'm still going there.
This is the last one, I promise. :)

Christmas fun is never quite over for us on Christmas Day each year, because we know that there is always the Simpson family Christmas party to look forward to the weekend after. There are so many festive traditions wrapped up into just one party, and that is one resounding confirmation to this holiday nut that I married into the right family. Baha.

While there are always some constants to look forward to...yummy feasts, nativity scenes, visits from Old St. Nick...this year a new surprise awaited the children (and some of the grownups, too!) Our area had just been blanketed in a beautiful white snowfall, and cousin Luke brought a horse and buggy to offer rides in the gorgeous scenery.

Evie and Grace squeezed on the buggy with Luke, cousin Austin, and uncle Terrill. With jingle bells jingling, they set off for a snowy ride!

So pretty!

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the girls had so much fun! Grace did NOT want to get off - no surprise there. A big thanks to cousin Luke for being so thoughtful and for being great with the kids! (Seriously, there is something in the water with Eric's entire extended family, because nearly all of the men are wonderful with children and very family-oriented. What a blessing!)

We went inside to warm up and get something yummy to eat, and that's when Eric and I caught Evelyn being a little sneaky....

First she sat in the chair, eyeing the presents...

...then she slowly got up, and the little stinker started peeking into each and every bag. :D I ran to stop her, but it was too late - she saw her gift (and Grace and Reagan's, too!) Luckily, she really liked what she saw, hehe.

^^I was laughing so hard - a baby in one arm and trying to pull her away with the other. :)

Soon there was the call out for the preparation of the annual Nativity scene, and someway somehow (even with a baby boy) we were not Mary and Joseph again this year. Both Evelyn and Grace took their turn playing baby Jesus when they were little - two years in a row! Last year was my first Simpson Christmas as a spectator and not part of the holy family, haha.

It's always abuzz in the back room as little angels don wings and tiny shepherds get their headdresses tied on just right. I believe this was Austin's very first year as a little shepherd boy, and he did a great job!

Eric started a game of ring-around-the rosie to keep our antsy kids entertained...

...and it became quite a popular game. :)

I found Reagan giving his grandma some of his lovin' when I came back out to take my place.

His smile has mystical powers. If he flashes you one, you're done for. Putty in his little hands. :)

Soon it was showtime!

Usually at least Eric or I am with the girls to help keep them in place, but they did great without us this year!

This picture is priceless....

Oh, Austin. :D

Everyone did a fabulous job!

As everyone goes back to de-robe, another visitor prepares to stop by. 

To wind down our evening, each of our kids took a turn sitting on Santa's lap.

Evelyn was very surprised by her gift. Not. Haha.

It's a long and eventful day, but it's always so much fun! The kids run around like crazy people and never seem to want to go home. There are even more things to do that we don't usually participate in because of our young kids - like a giant adult gift exchange game. It's usually at this point in the evening when mom and dad are about to drop. But what a great way to end our Christmas festivities.

Now I can officially say we had a great Christmas this year, and I hope that you did, too! Now it's 2013, and we're looking forward to all that the new year brings!


Sarah said...

Your family is very cute! Love the traditions!

Sara Simpson said...

Thanks for the recap!! I had to work all weekend. (which seems to happen every stinking year)


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