Monday, January 14, 2013

ROAR - John is Five!

When little baby John came into our lives in the Winter of 2008, it was in the midst of uncertainty and with the thought that he would be staying with us for just one night. But then one night turned to two. And then, well, my mama just couldn't give that baby up. :) My parents took John in and raised him as their own, and three years later he officially went from little John whom we loved to my baby brother. (See his adoption day here!)

I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on John. I had no idea he would be one of my siblings someday. In fact, he was in the arms of his birthmother, who brought him to church and showed him off proudly to our college Sunday School class. The baby I saw that day was my cousin. He was shiny and bald, fussy and squirmy - as many newborns are. :) Yes, it is very unfortunate that John's parents were not ultimately able to care for him, but I can't imagine my life today without him so closely in it, and I'm thankful that what was once a bad situation was turned to good.

And now it's FIVE years later. Holy moly! And this weekend we celebrated the life of my youngest sibling with a dino-mite dinosaur birthday party! I quickly volunteered to help with the decorations, the very least I could do, and I had so much fun doing it. Funny how party planning is MUCH less stressful when you're not also worrying about the shopping, and the cooking, and the cleaning, and the hosting...haha. I got to do the fun part! ;)

So, here it is! John's 5th birthday party. I loved this theme!

This is the first picture I'm showing you, but actually the very last picture I took. After a long night of constant rain, our "Stomp In" sign looked like it had been stomped ON, haha.

The gift table, pre-gifts. :)

"Johnnosaurus." Hehe.

Get it? ;) 

John told anyone who would listen that a dinosaur had been walking on his walls. :)

There were signs pointing the way to the food...chili and hot dogs and other yummy party fare.

Soon guests began arriving!

I tried to snap some pictures of the birthday boy before he was too distracted. John was so excited for his party! :)

I caught John and Evie peeking into a bag that had some presents inside.... 


The party had barely begun...not even all of the guests had arrived...and the boys were starving. I just thought it was funny that I caught one of my brothers underneath the carnivore sign while he was begging for food. :)

Everyone mingled, ate a yummy dinner, and did typical party stuff. I tried to get a few pictures while juggling a baby most of the time. Photobombed by my Uncle Patrick....


I found our cousin Noah just staring at Reagan in the was seriously the cutest thing ever. He loved the baby (hint hint, Aunt Maria.) 

John opened his presents after dinner, and of course all of the kids were piled right next to him! My children are the WORST about thinking they need to help the birthday child open presents. Oy. We're working on that one. :)

I didn't get a ton of pictures, because I was still trying to hold a baby and help to quiet a screaming Gracie who WANTED THOSE PRESENTS. Or at least the cards. 

Finally it was time for cake and ice cream. My mom made John a cute dinosaur cake!

I ask you, is there anything more awkward than having a room full of people sing just to you? Haha. I love seeing kids' reactions - John made some seriously funny faces. :)

Happy Birthday, John!

The party was a success I'd say, especially considering the entire thing was planned from start to finish in one week! That's definitely a record for us! I might need to team up with my mom more often. ;)

It makes my heart smile the way life works out sometimes. One minute life can look bleak and scary, and in the next minute someone opens up their arms and loves you no matter what. What would John's 5th birthday have looked like if he wasn't a part of our family? None of us can know, but it doesn't matter. He's right where he belongs. :)


Heather said...

What a great party!!! Good job on the decorations big sis!

Cassie said...

awwwww - what an awesome sister you are!! too cute!

happy birthday buddy!

Sarah Davis said...

What a great story and an awesome birthday for the little guy

Adrien said...

Thanks, girls!

sblind2 said...



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