Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Survival :)

Fortin' it up:

Evie and I constructed a fort (aka: portal to imaginary worlds) yesterday while Grace was playing with toys in her room. When she came out and turned the corner Gracie gasped and said, "Whoa!" That's when you know you must've done something right in the eyes of your child, haha.

We attached part of the fort to a pop-up tent, and the girls had a blast playing inside! I took some pictures while the girls played ("We want to be alone, mom," said my oldest) but I can't show them all, because they were hanging out in their underoos. :)

Unfortunately, Grace didn't quite understand the concept of having to crawl around inside. And she prides herself on destroying things, so within about twenty minutes the sheets came toppling down. Good thing for the tent - they still played in that, haha.

What fun to be a kid! Wish I could go back, sometimes.... :)

Blog posts are short this week, because my time is occupied by so many other things, including the birthday party. Here's your hint for today! (I bet you can guess after this one, and if not, just look at my sister's facebook page - she spilled the beans last night, haha.)

1. The subject is one of mine and Grace's favorite things.
2. It involves a mysterious disappearance.
3. There will be animals, but you won't see most of them in any zoos!

Have a great day!


Cassie said...

i LOVE making forts/tents in the living room. LOVE it!

henry is JUST like Gracie. walks right into the tent and destroys it. stella always says - henry no we just made it! lol. poor girl.

PS - disney?!?

Adrien said...

Disney isn't the theme - but that is a good guess! :)

Anonymous said...

Circus :)


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