Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Look Back - February 2013

If you're reading this it's a miracle! I played a rousing game of musical beds with the kids last night, and now I'm exhausted. I laid my head down in no less than four different places: first the top bunk, then the bottom bunk, then my own bed, and finally the couch in the living room. One day my children will stay PUT and I won't wake up alone in a bed that doesn't belong to me. Until then, I dream of the day that I open my eyes in the morning in the first place I shut them at night. Toddlerhood only lasts so long!

Which brings me to the purpose of the post today. Holy cow, today is the last day of February! 2013 is sailing right along, isn't it? Our family had a great month together - celebrating love and growing up.


Reagan's middle name should have been "roly poly." Reagan Roly Poly Robert. Nice alliteration, right? My child is a rolling fool, and unfortunately, he's rolled right on off of the couch a time or two already. He continues to be SUPER strong, and I have a feeling he's going to be an early crawler - he can almost push up and go already - at barely 4 months old! If I were a first-time mom I'd probably swell with pride at my child who seems to be way ahead of where he should be. But I'm not a first time mom, and I know what it means when you have a kid who is so active. It means I'm going to spend the next few years very, very busy. :) (Gracie 2.0, anyone?) Slow down, bud!

Some of Reagan's favorites this month: Reagan loves his Sophie the Giraffe toy. The little built-in squeaker gets him every time! But I think his most favorite thing was getting to feel like a big kid and "eat" snacks with his sisters. Actually, he wasn't eating anything at all, but he's a baby, he didn't know the difference. :) When the girls and I have an ice cream treat, I always put my cold (empty) spoon to his lips, too, and he LOVES it! I'm a stickler about giving kids food too soon, so no cheating here, but I can already tell he's going to really enjoy eating, haha. Even though there is nothing on that darn spoon he still whines for it and I can't give it to him soon enough!

As for me, I have really enjoyed slow dancing with my little man, soaking up every day of his babyhood and enjoying every toothless smile, every pathetic little cry, and his cute piggy toes. :)


What can I say about Gracie? My second child has really grown up! Of course she likes to prove me wrong when we're in front of other people, but she really is behaving much better at home than she was just a few months ago. We took Grace to the pediatrician for her speech this month, and now the little stinker is a talking up a storm. Some of the words that used to be muddled are clearer now, and she's adding words and speaking longer sentences every day. As with all things, she'll do what she wants when she's good and ready!

Gracie loves to play with her Little People toys, and boy does she get animated with them! (It's so hilarious.) She puts one little plastic person in one hand and one in the other, and makes them jabber back and forth - mostly they are arguing...very LOUDLY...which usually ends up with one crying dramatic sobs...very LOUDLY. And then they both burst into song...very, VERY loudly. Haha. One day I'm going to catch this in a video, because it's not a performance I ever want to forget! 

Grace had her first trip to the dentist, which she did surprisingly well at, and she spent the month having fun with Evie indoors, playing dress up, watching movies, and trying to ride out the rest of winter!


Evelyn loves to be a little mommy most of all. She is constantly loving and hugging her little brother and she is happy to be the first to run and grab something when Reagan has a spit up attack. :) She has also recently taken on the position of Chief Language Checker. If you say something that isn't nice (or that she doesn't like) she will quickly remind you that "...we don't say that." 

She has also, admittedly, been a bit of a stinker this month, haha. Every child goes through phases, and I'm pretty sure she's in a limits-testing phase at the moment. Let's hope it's a short one! It usually is for my first born. Since Evie is able to communicate easily, I like to ask her questions about her own favorites!

Favorite Food: Orange Chinese Chicken
Favorite Show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Toy: Buzz and Jessie and Woody
Favorite thing to do for fun: Play with my friends
Favorite Animal: Unicorns

Evelyn is eagerly anticipating preschool screening (she can't wait for school this fall!) and one of her favorite places to go is church. She wakes up every day asking "Is it church day?!" Haha. :)


Chocolate covered strawberries at grandma and grandpa's.

Valentine's Cookies

Hanging Out

Valentine's Day

First dentist trip

Bunk beds!

The month of February was full of heart-shaped fun and activities for our family. We also welcomed bunk beds and had a few really good snow days thrown into the mix. For a short month it feels like we accomplished a lot! And we certainly made many memories to treasure forever. 

I cannot even tell you how excited I am for March. March! The month of Spring!! Will we get to venture outside? Take a few walks? Fly a kite? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out! 

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Heather Rahn said...

Been waiting for this! I can't believe Evie is almost ready to start school! What a big girl!!


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