Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bunk Beds - Finally!

So. For nearly the entire month of February our family has been living in a construction zone. You may remember at the beginning of the month when our kids were bouncing around on mattresses in the living room. That was the start of it all....

It was the night of the Super Bowl and Eric and his dad were working on putting bunk beds together for the girls. They were nearing the end of the project, when lo and behold, they realize they are missing an entire bag of screws and parts that they need to complete it. Well, great! Sorry kids, no beds for you. But not only that, when I walked into the kids' bedroom to look at the progress the first thing out of my mouth was, "Are those rails supposed to be crooked?"

"That's what I thought," said Eric.

So we had a crooked bed with missing parts, haha. Lovely! We contacted the manufacturer of course, and when they finally got back to us they said that they needed pictures of the bed so that they would know which parts needed to be replaced. So we sent them pictures. This is nearly two weeks later, already, and our kids' bedroom was totally out of commission with a half-constructed bed, loose boards, and random tools lying around.

We wait to hear back from them, only to discover that they want more pictures. Eric is annoyed. So he called their customer service to explain the situation and was treated very rudely on the phone, cut off at every sentence. Now, I don't know how well you know my husband, but sometimes I'm pretty sure his job in finance is just a cover for some other mysterious profession. Eric Robert knows how to get to the bottom of anything and almost always comes out victorious...somehow, he always finds a way....

Eric got a hold of the CEO's personal email address (baha) and included him in on an email to the company expressing our deep dissatisfaction with their customer service. And what do you know...after weeks of the run around, Eric received an email back within hours saying that the parts would be sent to us as soon as possible, no extra pictures required.

Thank you.

But by then, three weeks later, our schedules had blown up and Eric was barely home to work on the bunk beds. Our living room was full of giant boxes and piles of paper and bubble wrap. That is, until last night. Last night was the only night that Eric would be home this week, so by golly, we were going to get those darn beds finished once and for all!

And that's exactly what we did. Let me tell ya, the girls had a BLAST hanging out in their new beds. :) In fact, they were so excited that they couldn't even wait until their beds were made before they hopped on!

Even Gracie couldn't contain her excitement...

I did finally get them off long enough to put the rest of their blankets and pillows on. The girls found their dream lites and made themselves cozy.

But as predicted, that didn't last for long. Gracie grabbed her pillow....

...and hiked it on up to visit her sister. :)

I have a feeling that a lot of childhood memories will be made in these darn beds. :)

Evelyn really wanted the lights off so that they could play with their dream lites, so it was at this point that she said, "No more pictures, mom, this isn't a fan site!" Baha. 

Lest anyone believe that the top bunk is actually the best and most favored bunk in this house, let me call your attention to the lesser-known third level. I like to call it the "basement bunk."

Ha! Two perfectly comfortable beds to pick from, and they want to play UNDER them. :)

And they really are comfortable! We made it a priority to find good mattresses and mattress pads. I won't tell you about how Eric crawled into Gracie's bed and nearly fell asleep. Or about the fact that I spent the first half of writing this blog from the bunk beds while Grace drifted off. They're family beds, really. ;)

Yes, it was a pain in the butt getting to this point, but at the end of the day we are very happy with our purchase, and these beds literally saved us another YEAR of not having to move. Woohoo! I have been wanting to redecorate a bit in here, but I wasn't able to when I couldn't even walk through my children's bedroom for a month. I think a little bedroom makeover might be in the cards for the month of March. We'll see!

Happy Tuesday!


Kim Luke said...

this is the cutest thing ever!!! Landon (cough, dane) wants bunk beds sooo bad!!!

Heather Rahn said...

Awwwww...I love this!!! I always wanted bunk beds, even though we had our own rooms. Just thought they were so fun!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Love!! They look so happy. I wish we could have left ours together but Isaac liked to jump off from the top and not use the ladder.

Adrien said...

Ack - Christine, that would give me a heart attack!!

For some reason I always said that we wouldn't do bunk beds, and this was just out of necessity, but now I LOVE them. :)

Sara Simpson said...

My sister & I had bunk beds as children. Good memories!!!!

Cassie said...

we had bunk beds for awhile when we were younger and i LOVED them. yay for happy babies (and well, happy everyone!)

where did you get your mattress pads from? i need to get some for S&H.

Adrien said...

I think Eric got them from Sam's Club where we also ended up getting the mattresses. Let me see if I can find them online.


They are waterproof but soft and comfy!


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