Friday, February 22, 2013

Confession Friday 2-22!

Happy Friday!
I'm not feeling so hot.
But that won't stop the confessions!

I confess that I did not take my kids out to enjoy the snow yesterday. But we did let them roll around in mounds and mounds of bubble wrap that came in some packages we got recently. Still fun, right?

I confess that my house smells like barf, because Miss Evelyn decided to concoct her own Scentsy recipe in one of my warmers. In case you were wondering, cinnamon and laundry detergent scents are not a good combination. Blech!

I confess that I never sing alone in the car. I sing to a million adoring fans.

I confess that I am happy that some blogger buddies have returned to blogland. Woot! Missed you, girls!

I confess that with preschool screenings and registrations coming up soon, I'm starting to stress over where to send Evelyn to school in the fall. Though, she has her own opinion on the matter, and her mind is made up. "I want to go to the loofren school," she says. And why the "loofren" school? Because they have the best playground, in her opinion. Priorities, my friends, priorities! :)

I confess that I haven't had a nice relaxing bubble bath in a ridiculously long time, and I think that is definitely in order sometime this weekend. I don't know why you need to know that, but now you do.

I confess that if there is one thing I love about the world covered in snow, it's that even in the darkest of night, it's not dark outside.

Took this picture at midnight last night.
Those icicle lights have been up since October 2011.

I confess that my heart dropped to my toes Wednesday night when I called out to Evie and she said, "My name is EVELYN." Say wha...? She later retracted her preference for full name only,'s only the beginning, I'm afraid.

I confess that Aldi has the best ice cream ever. (Belmont brand.) Every flavor. Can't go wrong. Don't ask me how I know.

I confess that I have a few "bad ideas" to share with you that I may or may have not experienced for myself in recent days.

   #1 Getting in the shower without double checking that you have a towel first is a bad idea.
   #2 Painting your nails right before you decide to use the bathroom. Bad idea.
   #3 Installing the ladder on your kids' bunk bed days before there is a mattress on top. BAD idea.
   #4 And finally, devouring Burger King before a workout is a bad idea. A really really bad idea.

Now I'm going to convince my children that we should go back to bed. :)
Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Heather Rahn said...

I confess I am completely jealous of the fun the girls got to have in that bubble wrap!!!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You've discovered Aldis ice cream too! Its the best and cheap!

I can't say enough good things about RBL preschool. Adeline is returning next fall for 4yr old preschool.

Snow days are amazing!



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