Monday, February 25, 2013

"Date" Night

Nearly every weekend Eric and I do the same exact thing. And every Monday I briefly mention here, "...and Eric and I went on a date night on Saturday...." and that's all I usually have to say about that. But I figured, since I'm always talking about it, maybe I should bring you all along once and show you what we do.

It's a very thrilling experience. :D And on this particular evening I drove Eric nuts taking pictures everywhere we went, which was icing on the cake, really. Haha. 

The thing about our date nights is that usually they aren't really date nights. They are more like nights we get to run necessary errands without all of our kids in tow. But at least it's time we get to spend together!

So here we are. The Saturday Date Night Crew:



And little man

You didn't think we would actually get away with complete alone time, did you? Haha.

Our first stop is to get something to eat, and we always stop at the same place. It's quick, it's delicious, it's...


Oh my holy yumminess.

If you've never eaten here and you live in the St. Louis area, what is WRONG with you? Baha.

It was here that Reagan had his first diaper blowout of the evening. (Yay hot date!) So we took care of that business and then sat down to a delicious dinner.

We always order the same thing. Are you sensing a pattern here? Except that this time I branched out a bit. Instead of getting the mostaccioli dinner, I got the spaghetti dinner. Watch out! :) All of this food plus drinks costs us $20, and it's a massive amount of food. It's enough to feed our entire family the next day just on the leftovers, so you can guess what Sunday night dinner usually is! The meals come with a salad, lots of pasta, and two huge peices of garlic bread. Mmm...carb city!

The best part is that it's really good food really fast. From the time we order to the time we're eating is about five minutes, which is crucial when a baby is along and you have stuff to accomplish for the evening!

Hi, buddy!

Once our bellies are full and we roll ourselves out the door, we go to our main and most exciting destination of the night.

Wahoo - it's Aldi! :D
Time for grocery shopping.

We shop the South County location, where Eric is well-known by all of the employees.

"So you brought your mystery family with you this time!" we hear as we walk through the front door. Haha, I might just send Eric to the store one or four time throughout the week. :)

Then we get our shop on.

Strawberry applesauce might just be the most yummy treat ever, and Aldi has some good stuff!

When we talk about our personal finances, we always reference the "nerd" and the "free spirit" ala Dave Ramsey, because there always seems to be one nerd and one crazy person in every relationship. :)  I am clearly the crazy person in ours. And our wonderful personalities shine through in our shopping styles.

I'm walking along, plucking things off of shelves and throwing them into the cart. Then I look behind me and see Eric arranging things just so. "You have no idea how to put things in a shopping cart," he says. I make fun of him. And take a picture.

Yep, he's the nerd. Gotta love him!
(You should see him bagging groceries. Oh man. I'm not even allowed to touch anything, because I will just mess things up.)

It was at this point in the evening that Reagan filled his britches for the second time, and I was very animated when I discovered it. "Oh my, pee-yew - that is terrible,"I said while fanning the fumes around me. Only I didn't realize that at that very moment we were passing by the bathrooms and a little old man was shuffling out of the door. With a horrified look on his face he booked it out of there as fast as his legs would take him. 

Poor guy! :) I had no idea, but Eric saw the whole thing which he laughed about all through the check out and into the car, and we busted out in random fits of laughter over it for the entire rest of the night. :D

After this we went to another familiar destination to take care of my child's diaper issue and spend some more money. Target, of course! I had heard the dollar spot was restocked, and well, hello...gotta make a special trip just for that. I get lots of our birthday and other party things from there, and I definitely scored for Evie's party this year. (Which, by the way, she is now officially old enough to request a friend's party at the park, so watch your mailboxes this June if you live near us!) I took pictures of all of our unnecessary but totally necessary purchases, but for some reason they won't upload. 

And it's by this time in the evening that Reagan is just about over it (and Eric, too, haha) and we need to get home to our other babies. So we load into the car, have some deep and meaningful conversation (or...joke about little old men in Aldi's bathrooms) and end another productive Saturday night out.

And now you know.
Saturday night date night.
So the next time I devote one line of this blog to "...and we went out on Saturday..." you can just insert this in there. :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


Heather Rahn said...

Awww...what a cute date night!! It might just be errands, but those are some of the best times!

Cassie said...

awww - this is good.

and i'm with eric i arrange my cart too. it's bad. lol.

these are where the memories are made. good for you too!

Katie said...

Jake is definitely the cart arranger in our relationship. Before marrying him, I didn't realize there was such logic that went into shopping :)

Adrien said...

Hehe, all I knew was not to put the bread and chips on the bottom. Eric fits the boxes in like tetris. ;)


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