Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gracie's First Trip to the Dentist!

Yesterday was one of those let's just hold our breath and pray for the best kind of days. It was the day we were set to take our wild child to the dentist for the very first time. Eric and I knew this could go one of two ways. On one hand, Gracie is fearless and curious, so she might actually enjoy this new experience. On the other hand, Gracie is kind of... explosive... and if the wrong thing were to set her off we might just be living a nightmare in the dentist's office.

Things weren't looking so good as I was trying to prepare my child for this trip. I did what any parent does before they take their kid to get their teeth looked at and tried to brush Grace's teeth. There is a reason why Eric does the nighttime routine. Grace has NEVER cooperated with me when it comes to teeth brushing. In the end, she did it herself, but not without a fight. :) Oh, boy.

Evelyn went to spend some time with John while I packed up Grace and Reagan, and we made our way to our dentist's office. We planned to meet Eric there, because he had a check up, too! We purposely set our children's first appointments with appointments of our own so that they could see mom or dad getting worked on first. (That still didn't stop me from sharing youtube videos with Gracie of other kids at the dentist, haha.) We beat Eric there, but soon he joined us in the waiting room and Grace was very excited to see him!

Gracie was doing great while we waited! She looked at books and had lots of fun brushing the giant model teeth with a giant toothbrush. And our darling daughter made all of the receptionists say "Aww" at her delight over the promise of a princess toothbrush when she was done.

Reagan was doing alright, too. :)

"Teehee, I'm at the dentist, and I don't have teeth."

Things were going just swimmingly until they called Eric back first to get some x-rays taken. Cue Gracie meltdown #1. She screamed bloody murder when her daddy went through the doors without her. The thing about a Gracie tantrum is that you can't talk her through it or try to reason with her to stop (oh, please!) The best and usually only option is to pick her up and remove her from the situation until she's worn herself down enough to be distracted. That is until very recently. And when I mean very, I mean very recently.

Just in the last week or two, we have been noticing a change in Grace's fits. They don't last as long, and she's able to calm herself down without Eric or I distracting her. And so, we dodged a bullet at the dentist. What I thought was the beginning of our spiral downward for the rest of the afternoon was quickly calmed with a storybook. Whew! That would NOT have happened a month ago.

Soon Grace was called back, so I carried Reagan in the wrap and held Grace's hand as we walked onward toward the moment of truth. :)

They set up a little chair in the corner for Gracie to sit in while she watched her daddy get a cleaning. Did she sit in it? No, of course not. And it wasn't one minute into the check up that Grace started the beginnings of meltdown #2. Anyone who didn't know our child would have thought the poor thing was scared.to.death! But I knew better. 

Gracie watching her dad get a check up. :)

Gracie wasn't terrified, Gracie wanted it to be HER TURN. Haha. Patience has never been her strong suit. And since she was so eager, it was decided that she should go ahead and get her check up first!

Gracie hopped right up in the seat!

My fearless child did an amazing job. Eric and I were very proud of her for doing exactly as the dentist said and without fuss.

This picture cracks me up. :)

Gracie girl rocked it! Whew!

Unfortunately, the entire reason we made the appointment for Grace was because we thought she was starting to get some decay between her front two teeth - and she is. Looks like she'll be visiting the pediatric dentist soon (and we'll see how that goes!) But it wasn't anything we didn't expect to hear, and we're happy to be taking care of it right away. Poor girl just has her mama's cavity-prone teeth. "Was she bottle fed?" Nope. "Does she have juice before bed?" Nope. "Brush her teeth every day?" Sure do.  I was always pretty good at stumping the dentist, too. :)

Evelyn and I will take our turn at the end of the month. Evie is another wild card, but in a different way. She's my cautious child, and I can see her being nervous at the prospect of a stranger in a mask poking around in her mouth. One down, one to go!

We made sure to tell Grace over and over again how very proud we were of her and her first trip to the dentist. She was very happy to receive her princess toothbrush, struggling between the decision of Princess Tiana or Ariel. In the end she chose The Little Mermaid to come home with her, cause Grace wants to be wherever "the people" are! 

I don't remember my very first trip to the dentist, but thanks to blogging, my kids will never forget theirs, haha. She can't read it, but I'm going to say it again...Wonderful job, Gracie girl! You only get one chance at a "first" and you did great! 


sblind2 said...

Great Job, Gracie!! Brody's first trip was in September and did great too, but I got zero pics ... blc he was on my lap and Matt was in the other room getting his Widom Teeth out!

Cassie said...

way to go gracie!! stella goes on the 21st. i think i'm going to show this to her every day until then. lol.

Heather Rahn said...

Awww...Good job Gracie!!!! She did better at the dentist than I do!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Way to go Gracie!!! Wyatt is my cautious child as well and his first trip to the dentist was not so good. I do not even think we got him to sit in the chair. He had to sit on my lap and they looked at him that way. It took us awhile to get to that point though.


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