Friday, February 15, 2013

V-Day Rewind

Whew, we had a long Valentine's Day filled with fun, and boy did our kiddos get spoiled! Eric had a meeting after work and we didn't exchange gifts this year, so it really turned into a family day focused on our babies. That's fine with me...but dear, we should make up for it this weekend. ;)

Our morning started with some Valentine's Day treats. 

This was more than we would typically give for a minor holiday, haha. Eric and I had actually picked up a few really cheap dress up outfits for the girls after the holidays, and we were just waiting for a good excuse to let them have some of them. Late the night before I remembered that they were in our basement, and I thought, "Well, I guess this is a good excuse to give them a little gift." So that's what I did!

And boy were they excited about it! The girls wasted no time in throwing on their new princess clothes.

Our family recently became the proud owners of a digital piano - it's not a keyboard, even though it looks like one. :) One of our littles will be taking lessons from her daddy soon. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about that sometime in the future!

We read Reagan's new storybooks, played a game with some colored hearts that the girls' Sunday School teacher had dropped off the night before, and had lunch. Soon after that my mom and John stopped by bearing more gifts!

Reagan became the proud owner of a new bib.
He's my valentine. :)

And it wasn't long after my mom left that Eric's mom showed up with even more gifts. The girls got to take a trip to the playground with their grandma, and I got busy working on a little scavenger hunt to send Eric on a wild goose chase we he got home later that evening....

My babies came home, and we set to work making our special dinner. I think half of the children in the bi-county area made heart shaped pizzas at some point this week, haha.

Evelyn was all about it...

...and Gracie was half interested in pizza making and half interested in the iPhone. :)

Eric got home just as we were about to pop our dinner in the oven, and we all enjoyed a yummy meal together.

Grace is pretty serious about food. :)

It was delish!

I promised Eric that I wouldn't take any pictures of him on his scavenger hunt. :) But after dinner he unscrambled a little message from me about mushy stuff no one wants to hear about. Then we relaxed for the rest of the evening, and after everyone else went to bed Gracie stayed up with me for some yoga. I'm telling you, I've never ever (ever) heard that child laugh so hard than she does when I'm twisted up like a pretzel. It makes ME laugh, and then I can't do a darn thing. I almost choked when she came up and thumped me between the eyes when they were closed. I laugh at my kids all the time for the cute stuff they do, but Gracie makes me laugh like a girlfriend makes me laugh. A self-depracating "this is ridiculous" kind of laugh. I never feel closer to my middle child than when she makes fun of me doing yoga. Baha.

So that was it! That was our day, and we were reminded once again of how thankful we are to have family around us. Grandparents definitely made the day a little bit more special for their grand babies, and I was thankful for an excuse to do some fun activities with my kiddos. When I'm president, I'm coming up with weekly holidays just so we can always have themes for life. Haha. Next week, let's do outer space. Vote for me! ;)

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Heather Rahn said...

Smiles smiles smiles!! What a great Valentine's Day. Your kids are going to have the BEST memories!


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