Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We're Just A Bunch of Geeks

Hello, strangers! What a great long weekend we had. I don't have a ton of photographical evidence to prove that. Every time we have an extra long weekend I seem to be extra lazy and never bother to pick up a camera, haha.

Eric was home with us yesterday (and surprised us with Friday off, too!) and we took Grace to the pediatrician in the morning concerning her speech. Gracie seems to have a language all her own sometimes - she talks a lot, but most of it we can't understand, and sometimes what she does say isn't enunciated very well. After having Evelyn, who seemed to always speak very clearly and with a wide vocabulary, we just wanted to make sure everything was a-okay with Grace.

Turns out Gracie is totally normal and a typical second-born. Our lovely doctor let us know that for Grace's age, only about 25% of her words are usually understandable, and that sounds about right for her. So she's just an average kid. We're okay with average. ;) Evelyn certainly has the ability to do the talking for both of them, haha.

Reagan embraced his inner nerd this weekend.

So let's see...on Friday we had take-out and a movie night with the family. On Saturday Eric and I went on our Valentine's date. You don't want to know where we went. Even we were laughing at ourselves. :) On Sunday we had an awesome day with our church family, including a "We love Red Bud" feast on Sunday evening. The dinner replaced our usual Valentine's banquet with an event the whole family could enjoy together. I so wish I had gotten pictures of this! The cute decorations, the massive amounts of food, and the sweet fellowship with good friends...sigh...so great.

This week promises to be the start of a really nuts season in our lives. Eric starts class back up again tomorrow night after a long break. (Since before Reagan was born!) And he was recently nominated to be on a team representing the SIUE school of business in an upcoming competition, so he has several meetings and a lot of preparation for that in the coming weeks. Add several appointments to our usual schedule and I pray that I just make it through to the end of the month! It's going to mean a lot of time with just me and the kids. I love my kids. I also love my sanity. Please don't leave me, sanity.

I snuck up on Eric having story time with Reagan....

My son will earn his "nerd" status honestly. :)

As for me, well, I've been amazing myself lately. I'm on week 3 of my workouts, and I haven't skipped a single night - even though they're an hour long and I'd much rather go to sleep, haha. And I'm fulfilling a total bucket list goal by learning the piano. Right now Eric is giving me pointers and I'm self-teaching from our piano lesson books. I had one goal in mind: By the end of this year I wanted to be able to read the music and play short pieces from a simple book of Christmas songs we have. Turns out that was a pretty easy goal, because I accomplished it in about three days. Never too old to learn something new!

I'm wrapping it up here, because I've typed this entire post one-handed and it has taken me forever! :) I hope you all continue to have a great week!


Heather Rahn said...

Holy uterus that little boy can sure pull off some nerd cuteness!!!

And go mama!! You make me want to start working out again!

Adrien said...

Do it! You can help to keep me motivated. :)

P.S. I MISS your blog!!

Heather Rahn said...

Well keep an eye on your email cause I may start a private one.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Learning the piano is one of my goals in life when things slow down. First though is the guitar. I love music and playing it especially.

Reagan is a cutie.

Sarah said...

Gracie sounds a lot like Logan at the moment. It didn't dawn on me that we talk for him until a couple weeks ago.

Piano?! Where have I been. Not on blogspot.com apparently. That is awesome! Great job with the workouts! It is nearly impossible with 3.


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