Monday, March 25, 2013

A Very Wordy Weekend Wrap Up :)

Sometimes snow days are sucktacular, and sometimes snow days are just what the doctor ordered. I can't believe I'm saying this, I's SPRING. But yesterday was a wonderful day. My heart is full, my batteries are charged, and I think I'm ready for this week. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Friday Eric had a meeting after work, so the kids and I stayed home, made a big pot of soup, and I sorted socks. Millions and millions of socks...big socks, little socks, socks socks socks. (Yes, I definitely hang out with children all day.) Oh, the glamorous and exciting life of the stay at home mom. No one is going to be upset if you're just a little bit jealous of me.

On Saturday the weather actually wasn't too terribly bad, and Evie and Grace got to go on a fun egg hunt with their grandma. They had their faces painted, got lots of candy, ran around in the fresh air. I'd say the girls had a pretty swell Saturday!

But that's not the only swell thing that happened on Saturday. We were very happy to visit the nursing home this weekend to celebrate my uncle Charlie's 72nd birthday. (Hello - praise the Lord!) Of course, by the time we made our late arrival he was totally zonked, but we heard before we arrived he was sitting up and smiling, and he was enjoying his birthday with friends and family. He even looked great in his sleep when we peeked in on him.

What a difference two weeks can make! I am still so thankful for the staff at Des Peres Hospital for taking such good care of him.

{And...side note...a baby in a nursing home will attract those who live there like moths to a flame. We couldn't walk three feet without being stopped. The little old ladies loved my baby's big blue eyes. Can't say I blame them. :)}

We had a bit of shopping to do and then we went home with all of our kids and bunkered down for the impending Spring Snowpocalypse that promised to descend upon us.

Reagan got to try out the exersaucer for the very first time - the same one that both of his sisters used before him.

No no, Gracie, I said Reagan tried out the exersaucer.
(Haha, of course both girls tried getting in that thing before their little brother had his turn.)

He did great with it - stood up just like a big boy.
Stop that growing up, buddy.

This picture cracks me up. I think he's telling everyone to just back up, okay, cause he's got this.

Third-borns don't a lot of time to themselves, you see. :)

We woke up on Sunday morning and it actually hadn't started snowing yet, but the weather was just...nasty. It began to rain, and it instantly froze on our bedroom window. Given the predicted forecast for the rest of the morning there was no way we wanted to drag our three small kids outside, so we didn't go to church. (Gasp!)

It was a good choice, I think. Because by the time we would have been strolling out of there it really was coming down, and fast! So what did we do stuck indoors all day long? We had the best lazy family day ever, and it was MUCH needed!

Of course, we started off our morning with bacon and eggs.
We drank some yummy hot chocolate.
And Evie tried walking in her mama's boots.

But she mostly just fell a lot, and I caught this picture right before she toppled over once. (Funniest face I ever saw.)

I love her shoe black, one brown, and on the wrong feet to boot! (Pun intended. Ba dum ching!)

I did lots of laundry (including the slip covers as you'll see) and Eric did some work on his upcoming business school competition this week.

Look ma, no feet!
(And yes, that is Eric Robert - Mr. Apple- on a Dell computer. It's his work laptop. Haha.)

While the snow was swirling around outside I kept opening up the backdoor to see just how crazy it was. And every time I did I couldn't help but notice one thing: the sound of a ton of birds chirping, but no birds anywhere in site. Poor things must have thought they lost their tiny bird minds. Occasionally one would come hopping up by our back porch like a kid running across scorching pavement on a hot summers day...only, the opposite in this case. It really seemed like they were looking for food, but they weren't having much luck.

I just felt so bad for the little guys. I didn't have any bird food in the house, so just to be safe I looked up what to feed birds, and it's a good thing I did! I was totally going to throw out some bread crumbs, but apparently that's a no no (who knew!) so instead I went with a "safe" option - peanut butter. (And if you're wondering, bread isn't good for birds because it has no nutritional value for them. Learn something new every day!)

We slathered some peanut butter on pinecones and hung them up for our neighborhood bird friends. It probably just froze, haha, but we tried. 

After that we made a snack of our own.

The classic, "get rid of the too-ripe bananas" banana bread stand by.
It was yummy!
(Snow days = a lot of snacking. I think I ate my weight in food yesterday.)

We watched movies, relaxed, made dinner, relaxed some more. 
It was rejuvenating. 


My very favorite part of the day was definitely time spent snuggling with the family.
If you were wondering where all the sunshine and rainbows were yesterday, I'm pretty sure we were hoarding them all. (Eric's going to shoot me for putting up all of these pictures, but I love them, so it's okay.)

Love those boys. I really do!

Even though we have a crazy week ahead of us, I am thankful for the wonderful weekend we have under our belts. I truly believe that home should be a safe-haven where you rest and recharge and have a few moments of peace before heading out into the hustle and bustle of the world. That's all that I want to create for my family. That's what being a homemaker's job really is, in my opinion. Not to be the house maid, but to be the one who oversees that there is plenty of peace and love to go around. Sometimes I fail miserably at that. But I'm working on it. And days like yesterday give me the encouragement I need to learn from my mistakes and keep going.

It was a great weekend. :)


Heather said...

Awww what an awesome day!! Looks like the snow was worth it for you guys!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great weekend :) love all the pictures!

Cassie said...

awwwww - i love this. and i think you guys deserve to have all the rainbows and sunshine!


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