Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Appreciating Gracie

Our second born child.
Her hair is always just a little bit crazy. 
And so is her personality! :)

You may not know this, but Gracie is my bedtime buddy. A fellow night owl. Eric and I have always divided the kids when it comes to bedtime routines, because it's just easier that way for us. ANYWAY. Last night as we were settling in I had the laptop and I was flipping through Disney World pictures on the disboards (of course I was) when Gracie says, "Where's Pete? Where's MY Pete??"

Excuse me - Pete? Really, Gracie? Pete. Of all the wonderful characters to love, you choose Pete? If you don't know who Pete is, let me refresh your memory.

Pete. The naughty one. The mischief maker. One of his original nicknames was "Big Bad Pete."
Of course she would look for him! Gotta love Gracie girl. :)

And I do love her. Oh, how I do. I know that I pick on Grace a lot here, because she is such a handful. Plus, her sense of humor is like top-notch for a two year old, which means she is just the type of person you naturally want to pick on. If you know what I mean. She can take it and give it RIGHT BACK. 

Yesterday afternoon:

Me: Gracie, you are just like your mama sometimes.
Gracie: I'm not yo mama!

Cracked me up.

When she wasn't making me laugh yesterday, she was doing this.

Grace decided that it would be a great idea to line up all of my glassware from the cabinet and bang on it with a metal spoon. Just making some music, ya know? 

(If you're wondering why on earth I have (or had) a ginormous brandy jar hanging out in my cabinets....)

It was once a home for dum dums. :)
Sigh...Evie's first birthday. Before blogging days, and I was even worse at picture taking, haha.

Even though it is easy to give Grace a hard time sometimes (all in fun, of course), there are so many qualities about her that I just adore, and I believe that they deserve equal time here, too. So today, for my darling second born, here are 10 things I love about Gracie.


1. Gracie gives the best kisses ever. She puckers up, grabs your face, and says, "Mmmmmmmuah!" as loud as she can. Over and over again. She's a lover. 

2. Gracie is tough as nails. She doesn't fake it. If she's crying after a fall, she must really be hurt. Otherwise she jumps up and declares, "I'm okay!" after every tumble. 

3. Her independence actually makes parenting easier sometimes. She doesn't need mom and dad all.the.time.

4. Grace's full lips, big brown eyes, and long eyelashes are to die for. If it's possible to be jealous of a toddlers looks, I am.

5. As I always say, Grace makes me laugh. And she's the type of person that you WANT to make laugh, because it's almost a challenge. If you're not really funny, she just looks at you strangely. But do something genuinely laugh-worthy and you'll get a smile of appreciation and a satisfied chuckle.

6. Grace is rough-and-tumble, but she knows all of the princesses, adores dress up, and can't get enough of mommy's make up. She's a great balance of tom-boy and girly.

7. Gracie's fearlessness means we have a really easy time with introducing her to new things or circumstances other kids might be afraid of. Her curiosity rules over fears. Wish I were more that way!

8. Grace is our super-coordinated child. I'm amazed at what she can do with her body...climbing, maneuvering, spinning easily on one foot...she might just be the athlete we always feared we'd have. Baha. But good for her. :)

9. Grace has the capacity to be very sympathetic and apologetic. She checks to make sure you're okay if you're hurt, and if she genuinely does something on accident she says, "I so sowwy. I so, so, sowwy." Melts me heart.

10. And finally...Gracie stands her ground. At this point in time, that typically means a showdown between mom and daughter, and it ain't always pretty. But if I can help to guide her in what to stand FOR...well...nothing will ever stop this girl. Nothing. She was made for great things!

Grace is strong, independent, confident, and beautiful. She is NOT easy, predictable, or quiet. Not such bad things to be or not to be, when you think about it. :) 

Love you, Gracie! 


Katie said...

Love this :) When I was a junior in high school my mom made me a list of things she loved about me and it's one of my most treasured items. Gracie will appreciate this list one day :)

Heather said...

Love, love, love this post!! She's such a free spirit. She is going to have such a fun life.

Sarah said...

Oh Gracie girl :)

Joyce said...


April R. said...

It sounds like she will follow Eric into politics. I loved hearing all the little details of Gracie. Thanks for sharing them.


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