Friday, March 1, 2013

Confession Friday 3-1!

Helloooo, March!
Ah. There's just something about turning the page of a calendar that makes me happy. (Or in my case, ripping the tiny paper off of the sticky thing on the refrigerator.) 
Only 19 sleeps til Spring!

I confess that, clearly, we starve our children. Grace was so hungry she was licking her empty plate!

I can't imagine what was making her tummy rumble...

Maybe it was the turkey, or the mashed potatoes, or the salad, rolls, corn, sweet potatoes, cranberries, or broccoli and cauliflower...or maybe it was the dressing. Baha. Just a Wednesday night dinner at the Feldt house. ;)

So, uh...I confess that I just discovered I've been following the blog of someone I thought I knew in real life but I actually don't, and I've leaving comments for months as such. Ack - someone out there is probably getting a good laugh at my expense (or is really freaked out by their stalker follower.) Whoops!

I confess that Evie is going to preschool screening next week, and now I'm nervous because she's all of the sudden decided to leave out about 13 letters when reciting the alphabet. Ay yi yi. Maybe we'll easily get in because they'll think, "Man, this child needs HELP!" Haha.

I confess that I often have to look up all the dang acronyms people use for things online anymore, cause I just don't get them! I'm like the twenty-something year old grandma of the internet.

I confess that cornbread is not a good snack to eat in bed. I do not recommend it.

I confess that I'm working out like a maniac and not losing any weight. Hmm...

...can't figure it out....

I confess that someone has been leaving goodies for the girls at our door, and I think I know who it is, but I don't wanna say in case I'm wrong. So just fess up already!! :) (And thank you, the girls have been enjoying the surprises!)

I confess that I think I stink right now, but I can't really tell. Perhaps I'll get a shower sometime this month.... (Baha. Gross.)

I confess that I could watch Father of the Bride I & II over and over and never get sick of them. Someday I'm going to hire an architect to watch those movies and simply say, "That house."

I confess that I'm going to be one of those crazy people who starts stock piling incandescent light bulbs, because I HATE the bright, ugly, florescent light of an LED. Hate, hate, hate. (I think the government has lost it's marbles. Or maybe it's me.)

I confess that Eric has a business school competition tonight, and we can't decide if we want his team to win or lose. Eric would love to lose, haha...he's over it. And we would like to have him back home. :)

*And for good measure - a snippet of the conversation I had with my oldest daughter this morning.*

Evie: Mom, did you squeeze Reagan out of your bellybutton?


Evie: Then where did you squeeze him from?

Me: We're, uh, going to have to talk about this when you're older. ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


sblind2 said...

OMG ... the Evie and Mommy conversation is great!!

How's P90X?

Adrien said...

I can definitely tell that I'm getting stronger and more flexible, but I'm not seeing a lot of results yet. I REALLY need to clean up my diet! :/

sblind2 said...

good for you for sticking with it!! It's hard & an hour is tough to fit in ... well those were my excuses anyways :/

Cassie said...

oh my can we come over next wednesday?? awesome!!

bahahaha - oh evie. lol. just wait until reagan gets in the tub with the girls. ALL kinds of questions start! lol.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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