Friday, March 15, 2013

Confession Friday 3-15!

Eric confessed that he saw the Wee Sing order I placed on amazon and almost cancelled it on me. That little turd! Now I'm going to tie him down and make him watch them with us. Muahhahaha!

So it's Friday again, and I feel like I haven't confessed in a while. Let's see what I can come up with.

I confess that pregnancy hormones can last long past pregnancy. Just ask my husband who had to deal with a crying wife when he parked in the wrong parking spot yesterday. Or better yet, don't ask him...he's still making fun of me for it.

I confess that I can never remember which brand of toilet paper we buy when I'm standing in the aisle at the store. But what I do know (now) is this: "Angel Soft" should be renamed, "Demon Sandpaper."

I confess that we were totally those parents and snuck a picture of our kid at preschool screening last night.
I have no idea what Evelyn was saying, but we could tell Miss Andrea was trying not to laugh most of the time. :)

I confess that it's really nice chatting with former teachers, especially when they're cool former teachers like Ms. Black. (Hi, Ms. Black! Hope you found the blog, haha.) Raise your hand if you ever played a rousing game of "Who has the yarn ball?" in one of Ms. Black's music classes. Yay, public school! :D

I confess that I really hope it actually gets up to 72 degrees today, or I'm going to be one sad chick! Especially since it's supposed to be the 40's and low 50's again for a week after that. Oh, the midwest - such a tease.

I confess that I want an excuse to take my kids dancing. Evie and Grace would have a blast busting a move someplace other than the living room. (Mom would, too!)

I confess that I feel like our lives have been nothing but a never-ending stream of appointments lately, and it's kind of maddening. Remember the good old days when the doctor came to you? neither, but I'm pretty sure it happened.

I confess that blogging is very hard today, since Gracie keeps trying to steal the computer, saying "I want to go to dot com!" Which is code for "Take me to disney junior's website, or I'm going to scream bloody murder."

I confess that I found some more of Evie's picture creations on our computer, and this one kind of freaks me out. Can you see why?

I confess that she may drive me nuts sometimes, but Grace is the cutest kid with biggest brown eyes that make me melt. And I'm not kidding when I say the girl can rock a pair of sweats. Prettiest couch potato I ever did see. :)

I confess that I'm a little confused about the whole no more Google Reader thing that I'm hearing about everywhere. So does that mean I will no longer have a "reading list" of the blogs I follow when I log into blogger? Say it isn't so!

I confess that I have a lot to accomplish today, and I need to be doing it so that we can have fun this afternoon. (I'm telling you weatherman, don't mess with my emotions!) Haha. So I'm signing off. Peace out. Happy Friday!


Cassie said...

i am still laughing about evie yesterday. she was just SO welcoming. "oh is this your daughter? she's 19?" bahaha. she's too cute!! good seeing you guys last night.

Adrien said...

Hehe, it was good to see you!! Evelyn was thrilled to see Stella, or as she says at our house "Henry's big sister." She loves seeing pictures of Henry...hmm... :)

Sarah said...

It is a good/weird feeling being the parents rather than the students. I love that a few of our favorites are still there :)

I'm right there with you on the hormones sister friend. It is out of control!!

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant, I cried because my husband didn't want the grilled cheese I made him! LOL!!!

Ashley N. said...

I'm so glad you snapped a pic of Evie with would have been better if you got one of her skipping......Andrea said that Evie was better than she was! Not gonna lie...I want to get out and bust a move too(not that I think people should see it....I'm sure it's scary!)


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