Friday, March 22, 2013

Confession Friday 3-22!

I confess that Eric had an Oh crap, I lost my wedding ring moment this week. He was very sad about it, which was making me sad for him. BUT. In an "aha!" moment just before bed last night he remembered one more place to look, and he found it, and now we're married again, and all is right with the world.

Speaking of wedding things...I confess that sometimes I wish I could go back in time and redo my wedding. It would be so much cooler the second time, cause I'd know what I was doing. :)

I confess that I am addicted to food. It's a problem, because we keep buying it, and I keep EATING it. I love food.

I confess that I gave Gracie a black eye yesterday.

Or, she got into my mascara. 
The black eye is a better story, though. 
Stinker! :)

I confess that if stores offered free shipping all of the time, I would spend so much more it's probably a good thing that they don't. But I mean, it would be smart of them, because I would spend SO MUCH more money.

I confess that our little blog is finally going to roll over 200,000 page views soon. And do you know what's gonna happen? Nuthin. We'll just keep on shlumping along like Eeyore. (Thanks for reading, friends!)

I confess that, given some creepy occurrences in the news lately, I am now officially freaked out about sinkholes. What a way to go - swallowed up by the earth. I mean...who would ever imagine that would be your demise? One minute you're there, the next minute...(ding) going down!

I confess that Aldi produce is really something magical. I love Aldi, but their fruit changes from good to bad in the snap of a finger. Right now I have bananas on my counter that are simultaneously green AND browning. Haha, how is that even possible? Oh, Aldi....

I confess that I'm already failing miserably at keeping one of the goals I had for this take more video of my kids. I think it's because I need one of these. Oh, Eriiiic! :)

I confess that I was asked to be on our church's decorating committee to spiff up the new building, which I'm happy to do, but...I have a secret: I don't know anything about decorating churches. I am a useless contributor and there are only four of us on the committee so I can't just show up and suck wind. But, if they want paper sack trees lining the walls, I am their woman!

I confess that our children have discovered Tiny Toons, and now I'm singing that darn theme song in my sleep. Make it stop!

I confess that I have no other plans but to stay home and cuddle my babies all day long. Yes, this is rare even for a stay at home mom. Chores can wait today!

Oh, and Evelyn wants to confess something. She says: I like to play with my toys every single day. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! There are some festivities happening around here, but if the weather doesn't cooperate or magically get warmer I have no idea what we're going to be doing. Come on, Spring, kick Winter out of here! :)


Olivia Engelage said...

I have a terrible confession-
After my shower the other day, I couldn't find a pair of my clean underwear anywhere.....(we are in the process of moving and the clean clothes are still in baskets because we have no dressers anymore)...well in a panic (because I was late for work) I grabbed a pair of my husband's boxer briefs. TALK ABOUT HEAVEN! Those things are the most comfortable creation for a woman. I guess since it's not "sexy" they don't make them for women. Head's up...They are magical.

Adrien said...

Baha - that's great! I've been known to slip on a pair of Eric's boxers as shorts. Some of the get ups he finds me in when he comes home from work are pretty comical. But boxer briefs? Might have to give those a try! :D

Heather said...

I saw those dang Tiny Toons on Eric's Facebook page the other day and found myself singing "Their tiny, their toony, their all a little loony!" to the dog.

Heather said...

Notice I kept it PG and said "dang"? How proud are you?

Adrien said...

So proud! Better watch out, that one might slip out in every day life. :D


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