Monday, March 11, 2013

Evelyn Goes to the Doctor!

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin today. Emotional roller coaster doesn't even scratch the surface of our last few days; I have been drained and re-filled and drained and filled up again. I probably look a little something like a deflated balloon, because that's exactly what I feel like right now.

We said goodbye to a beloved family member, I held the hand of a dying man who has since seemed to come back to life, we celebrated a birthday, and we welcomed a few "firsts" as well. We weren't home much in the past few days, though we were surrounded by family and friends for most of it. I'm not sure I can even fit it all into one post. So...yes...I guess we'll just pick up at last Thursday and see how far we get - start at the very beginning...a very good place to start. :)

Our week's end started on a high note with Evelyn visiting our new pediatrician for the first time on Thursday. I may have Doc McStuffins to thank for this one, but Evie was pretty excited as we drove to her appointment, and by the time we arrived she (quite literally) busted through the doors into the waiting room and exclaimed, "I'm here for my doctor's appointment!" which made everyone in the room laugh of course. Evie immediately walked up to the nearest woman she saw and said, "I'm Evie and that's my little brother Reagan over there. My mom got preg-uh-nant!"

And our little darling didn't stop. The entire time we were there she was a little Miss Chatterbox. From the receptionists to the nurse to our doctor, I'm pretty sure we got double the time we usually get because Evelyn had many many stories to tell. Thankfully she didn't embarrass us when the doc asked all the obligatory questions to make sure we're raising our kid right.

Doctor: Evelyn, what do you eat for breakfast?
Evie: Bacon and eggs!
Doctor: Anything else?
Evie: Bananas
Doctor: That's great - I was afraid you would say "Pop-Tarts!"

Thank you, Evelyn, thank you. Let's not mention the cereal that you eat like...every day. We do eat eggs after all, on Sundays. :) My favorite part of the day was when Evelyn was checked out from head to toe and she exclaimed, "Hehe, you looked at my BUTT!" No shame in her game.

Having way too much fun at the doctor. :) 

We did learn one very important thing while we there. Evelyn is seriously one of the clumsiest children I've ever seen. She trips over everything in sight - and it's so frequent that it's sort of become a running joke in our house. "Oh my, I'm just a clumsy kid!" she says as she picks herself up for the tenth time every day. Eric and I were getting ready to take her to get her eyes checked thinking that poor eyesight was probably the culprit, but while we were at the doctor's office our pediatrician made Evelyn walk across the room several times.

"Does Evelyn fall down a lot?" she asked.

(Uh - yes!)

"See how her left foot turns in when she walks? That is what is making her so clumsy."

Huh! So it's not her eyes after all. But now instead of taking her to the eye doctor soon we'll be taking her to an orthopedic doctor to see about her silly foot. It's always something around here!

***And this is where my internet cut out last night, haha. Oh well, I suppose I can finish up our weekend tomorrow, because there was still a whole lot left! Eric is actually home right now, so I'd like to spend our last couple of hours together before we send him off to Denver for the night. Hope YOUR weekend was wonderful. :)


Heather Rahn said...

That little girl...she kills me. I love how animated she is.

April Maura said...

Evelyn's smiles make me like the doctors office too! I love her positivity.

I enjoy hearing all the updates everyday of the Robert family. Your post are a part of my daily routine.


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