Monday, March 4, 2013

Give Me the Simple Life

This weekend went by WAY too fast, that's all I have to say! Actually, that is not all that I have to say. There are so many things I want to say, things that I feel I need to say...and I'm not even sure that I have the energy to say it all. :)

Friday evening was Eric's business school competition - you know, the one that we secretly hoped Eric would lose? Well. Eric and his two partners (who also would not have been sad to lose, btw) gave it their best-ish shot and...they won. Baha. By a lot. In fact, they were told by the panel that they were the best group they had seen yet from all of the schools they had visited. Which is flattering on one hand, of course, Eric will be devoting more time to his group as they prepare to move on to round two of the competition. And this time there's a decent cash prize at stake, so we'll see how that goes!

This just about sums up the better part of our weekend. :)

After the presentations and short reception on Friday evening, Eric prepared to drive home from school. And this is where the weekend begins to get a little icky. The weather had gotten deceptively bad as the night progressed. And I say deceptively, because there weren't huge snowflakes falling down and obvious signs that roads were treacherous - if there were people would have probably been driving more carefully. But the roads were really, really bad. Black ice everywhere. And it happened so fast.

I wish Eric could tell it from his prospective, but let's just say he started seeing many, many cars in the ditch along the road that he was driving on. It was dark and eery, and he could tell by the color of the pavement in front of him that he was driving on nothing but a sheet of ice. Then, the next thing Eric knew he was seeing headlights facing in front of him as the truck he was following started turning circles in the middle of the road. It did two complete turns before it also ended up in the ditch. Eric decided to take a different way home, and the story was the same - even more cars lining the edges of the road. We learned the next day that there were 4 fatalities on the highway Eric had been driving on.

I am just thankful that Eric made it home safely to us! He drove 30mph the whole way and had me very worried, because he arrived home much later than I had anticipated. But I praise God for hearing my prayers and keeping him safe. I knew that in just a few short hours Eric would be waking up again and driving on those same roads to get to his job at the radio station, and I'm thankful that he made it there safely, too!

Unfortunately, we woke up to some very sad news in our family on Saturday morning. Eric's great Uncle Bob Chunn, whom Eric considered a great mentor, passed away in the night. You may not know our Uncle Bob, but many many people in our community did. He was a wonderful community leader and public servant. You know, there are some people who just make you feel welcome - like family - from the moment that you meet them. And that is what I will always remember about him. There wasn't a single political dinner, family gathering, or holiday that I attended that Bob didn't welcome me with a smile, an arm around my shoulders, and a "How are you doing, Adrien?" When I married Eric, Bob's was one of the first faces and names that I easily recognized from our very large extended family. He was just so, so kind. We will miss him very much.

We took the rest of the weekend slowly. Eric and I did go out on Saturday evening, but I don't think we accomplished very much. :) Though, we did get a wonderful surprise on our doorstep when we got home that night.

The Easter Bunny had stopped by our house!
(Hehe, thanks mom, it was cute, and the girls loved it!)

And on Sunday we went to church and spent a much needed day at home, together. just need to rest. So that's what we did. And it was decided that our family now has a song - an anthem, if you will. Of course it happens to be on the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies. There is time for adventures, a season for all things under Heaven. But mostly...especially after weekends like these...we just love the simple life. And we're very thankful for what we've been given. If you need a smile or to just take a deep sigh today...give it a listen.

Can't tell you how many times I've slow danced with my babies to this song. :)

Hope you have a great week. By the looks of our local forecast, we may get up to 60 degrees. That's something to look forward to, right? :)


Christine Pettijohn said...

So happy Eric is okay. I am ready for nicer weather for sure. I need to get outside with the kiddos before we all kill one another. Lol!

Sorry for you loss in the family :(

Adrien said...

Thanks, Christine. :) So ready for play dates!

Cassie said...

what a great song. just makes my heart feel good.

glad everyone is safe!


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