Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pinterest - The Demise of our Children? Um, No.

Have you ever known someone that is just too good to be true? But like, not in a sarcastic way. Really, just someone who is awesome?

I know someone like that. And I'm not just saying it because we share an address. I mean it. I know a man who works hard, who loves deeply, who sacrifices daily, and provides greatly. And you wanna know the kicker? At the end of the day, he thanks ME.

Me! For playing with our kids all day! (And keeping them alive - barely.)

Eric, you done lost your mind, but I love you for it. I'm sorry you had a BEYOND stressful day yesterday. But you should've heard the way your girls talked about you while you were gone. You can't buy that. And those little leg kicks Reagan does when you walk into the room? Those aren't preformed for just anybody. I know, I'm his mama. :)

These next two weeks are going to be crazy for our family. Eric has meetings every single night except for Saturdays and maybe Monday. But it's only temporary, and we can do it. I'm the Little Red Engine, and I'm going to pull my caboose through to Easter if it kills me!


I've been reading A LOT of articles and blog posts lately about the "pinterest" generation and how it's created an even greater epidemic of "keeping up with the Joneses" and how all of the children of today are going to grow up as entitled spoiled brats, because their families celebrate too much.

It's sparked debate all over the internet - especially among mom groups. And I've been wondering if I should say something about it. Because on many counts we are are one of "those" families that mad moms are pointing their fingers at. Give me a menial holiday and I'll give you an excuse to make it special any old day of the week. Yes, we make cookies for Valentine's Day. Yes, we celebrate Easter and Christmas and even St. Patrick's Day with traditions, and heck yes we have a darn Elf on the Shelf. It's what we do to make things fun. (It's what this mom does to keep her sanity while cooped up with young kids all day long, seven days a week.)

First world problems. I'll tell you what. :)

Here's the thing:

It's okay if arts and crafts isn't your thing. It's okay if you don't celebrate every "holiday" on the calendar. It's okay if hand made and home made doesn't appeal to you or if you simply don't have the time. It's okay if you're lucky to just keep your kids fed and bathed. It's okay if you burn food and kill plants. It's okay if you're not Miss Organization, Mrs. Clean, or Miss Fix it.

Everybody has their thing.

Here is what is NOT okay. It's not okay to deem your abilities, your self-worth, or your successes any less than they are based on something you saw someone else do. It is not okay to let comparison steal your joy. It's not okay to sit around constantly thinking that the grass is greener in your neighbor's perfectly manicured lawn...even if it IS literally greener. :) It's not okay to pass unnecessary judgments on others based on what is important to YOUR family.

We have a few days of the year that are just plain fun around here, and to some it might even seem over the top. We love birthdays and we can't get enough of the holidays. But the other 350 days of the year? We're just a mess! I try to tell people this and some don't believe me. So here's your documented proof from this week. :)

I was tired yesterday. Dog tired. And do you know what my kids did for fun?

We tied a deflated balloon to the ceiling fan and they batted it around, tether-ball style.

I'm not joking.
Anybody want to pin this? Be my guest. Deflated tether-ball, for the absolutely zonked mom.

I took my kids out in footie pajamas and rain boots, cause I didn't want to wrestle them into real clothes.

I haven't given Reagan a real bath in a week. Gracie likes to run off with the shampoo, and I didn't feel like making the mess.

And this is what my girls were doing while my back was turned folding laundry the other day.
They were playing "baby." Gracie was (clearly) the baby.

That would be my child, in a bassinet, in the kitchen (?), with a bib and a jar of peanut butter.

I mean. 

I died. This is my real life. 

I answer the door by appointment only, because our house is WWIII most days. 

But we have our holidays and birthdays!

The moral of this story is that our lives aren't perfect, but we're HAPPY. Can't pin that, unfortunately. No amount of completed pins can change the way your heart feels. We've found only Jesus can really do that, but that's an ENTIRELY different post, haha. And you wanna know the truth - this chick doesn't even get on pinterest. Like...ever. Eric kept deleting my "pin it" button, and I gave up long ago. :D So, no, mad moms. I am sorry to tell you. Pinterest isn't entirely responsible for the downfall of the American family, spoiled kids, and over indulgence. That can only happen if you let your heart go there. My advice: don't let it. :)

P.S. For what it's worth, mom's were doing pinterest-worthy things long before pinterest existed. I can't be the only person who had a mama who cooked from scratch, created holiday traditions, and occasionally crafted with her kids. This is not a new phenomenon....but the internet, now that IS fairly new. 


Heather said...

I don't think its aimed at the crafty, hands on moms like yourself. I think it's aimed more at the "my kids need to have the very best money can buy" moms. With all the social media outlets, you see what other parents are doing more. Its in your face more. Throwing elaborate parties, getting professional pictures every time your child grows a new hair, making sure your kids have the best of the best everywhere they look.

I really don't think you fall in to that over the top category at all :) I think the anger is coming from the parents that can't afford to keep up, and feel guilty about it. Keep doing what you're doing...homemade crafts win out over store bought every time, hands down.

Adrien said...

Thanks for that, Heather. :) A lot of times it's not even the article itself that points to the types of things I enjoy doing as bad, but the COMMENTS. Oh, the comments! Moms know how to be really, really nasty sometimes. And that's where the debates and real judging starts.

What I really want to say to those people is, "You sound like bitter scrooges who have completely forgotten childhood and don't have a fun bone in your body." But I don't. Haha.

Katie said...

Love this post. As long as you and your children are happy, that's what matters...and that joy can only truly be found in Christ. You're making happy childhood memories for your children even if it is with a deflated balloon and a jar of peanut butter :) No one should have to feel guilty about that. Besides, like you said, how are you supposed to keep your sanity day in and day out if you don't come up with some out of the norm activities?!

Stefanie said...

There is something about making the mundane special! I think there is nothing wrong with helping your kids have a little more joy and creating memories that will last them a lifetime and inspire creativity and fun! Isn't that the purpose of childhood? Why not enjoy it and make the most of it before they become jaded by the world or too old for the fun little things. And seriously, balloons are awesome and the best time consumer and hey if it helps tire them out for a good nap, there's no shame!

Eric Robert said...

Thanks for the sweet message, Adrien. You're the best wife in the world and I wouldn't be able to be even a mildly productive person if I didn't have you holding it all together. :-)

Adrien said...

I am glad to know there are others on the same wavelength, cause sometimes in internet land I start to lose hope in humanity. :) Who really cares if someone wants to give their kid a valentine? I don't know. Weird!

Love you, Eric shmerick!


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