Wednesday, March 20, 2013




And no one here is mad about it.

I mean, the temperature is kind of awful, and it doesn't really feel like Spring, but if the calendar says it is - it is. 

Since we can't exactly go out and enjoy blooming trees and rainbows at the moment (where are you blooming trees and rainbows??) we decided to construct some Spring of our own - of the paper variety, of course. We're kind of old pros at this activity...palm trees, enchanted forest trees, and now Spring trees. If you can't hop a magic carpet and fly through space and time to your desired destination, then just create it for yourself. That's what we say!

And speaking of magic carpets, we brought out an old friend. ;)

Reagan, meet magic carpet. Carpet - Reagan. It's going to be a beautiful relationship. 

 I tried to get all edit-y and collagy and stuff with the pictures we took, but it just wasn't happening past this point. Now would be a good and appropriate place to say "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

We're just happy it's SPRING!!

(Actually, this is what happens you blast Michael Jackson's "Beat It" for the girls, cause our girls love themselves some MJ.)

 Ahhh...nothing like kicking back beneath the blooms of an Aldi bag tree...some good ole Michael Jackson wafting on the ceiling fan breeze. 

 It just screams SPRING. ;)

It was at this point that I remembered we had some totally awesome head gear that would take our travels to Springland to an entirely new level. The girls agreed - it definitely made spinning and twirling a million times more fun.

Reagan had a few issues with his....


So yes, we definitely found a way to have fun, burn off some energy, and celebrate a new season all without walking out of the front door. 

Now please, please weather...don't hold out on us too much longer. We need some real fresh air. :)

Gnome down!

Happy Spring!


Heather said...

I love your combination of mom/playmate. Your kids are never going to want to leave home.

Cassie said...

i love everything about this. in fact i kinda want to do exactly this. totally jelly of the robert kids.

that one picture of evie - adorable!!
and the ones of reagan - i just laugh and laugh!!


Adrien said...

DO IT. It's amazing what you can make with a paper bag and scissors. :D AKA: A poor man's entertainment. Haha.

April Maura said...

Great pictures and editing Adrien! The sequence tells us a nice spring story.

Anonymous said...

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