Friday, March 29, 2013

The Easter Story - Told By Kids!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday - and I really am this time. :) The morning got away from me. The kids and I were making a "movie." Haha.

I had this idea like, a month ago to do a video for Easter. And of course I waited until the day before Easter weekend to actually make it. Do you have any idea how long it takes to just write some words on signs and then sweet talk your kids into holding them up? Quite a while.

And. I'm not on Instagram (I know, what is wrong with me?) but I finally understand why people find those tranquil edited instagram-style pictures so appealing. Because they take a normal photo, like say, a child sitting on a bed holding up a piece of paper, and turn it into a statement that says, "oooh, my life is dreamy and interesting!" I'm down with that. Dreamy and interesting is good. :)

So, here it is. The story of Easter, by my kids, a little dreamified, and set to my absolute MOST favorite song right now. I tell Eric to turn it on every time we're in the car. There are actually several versions of it floating around, and I like them ALL. Can't go wrong. :)

(Might want to make it bigger to see all of the words, haha.)

We hope you have a wonderful Easter this weekend.

He is risen!


Katie said...

What a fun and beautiful video :) such a great love story and such a fun way to teach your children about it!

Cassie said...

Adrien - this is adorable, awesome, GREAT! I'm sharing it. i hope that's ok?

sblind2 said...

LOVE the video!!

Sarah said...

Adrien Robert! Didn't we just have a conversation yesterday that life with 3 kids is hectic!! How on Earth do you do it?! Super MOM!! Happy Easter to your family <3

Beth said...

Beautiful! And something you (and they) have to watch and enjoy years down the road!

April R. said...

Adrien this movie is spectacular. You broke the story down so that anyone could understand it. The girls did a great job! Very creative.

Happy Easter to you all. Look forward to hearing your weekend!

Adrien said...

Aw, thank you all!! I was gone all day, and I came back to such sweet comments. :) Of course, anyone can share it. Happy Easter!

And Sarah Roscow...if I would have video taped the experience you would have laughed your butt off. :)

Anonymous said...

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Christine Pettijohn said...

Love the video!!!


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