Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Robert Museum of Art

"Mom! Come here, you have got to see this!"

This is a phrase that rings out in our house almost daily. Usually when I hear these words I'm in for a real treat, because it means that Gracie has gotten into something and there's a big ole mess to clean up. But sometimes it's because Evelyn has made something beautiful and she wants to make sure that I see it. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and well, Evie thinks pretty much everything is beautiful, cause she's sweet like that.

Example #1
"Mommy! Mommy - look what I did!"

"Isn't it special?"
That would be a teabag hanging from a light switch - an Evelyn Robert original.
I couldn't just leave it hanging there forever, so I took a picture. Now I can treasure it always. :)

Example #2
"Moooom - you have GOT to see this. I made the toilet paper pretty!"

"It looks like you, mommy!"
Hehe, thanks, Ev.

But it isn't always inanimate objects that get spiffied up around here. Just yesterday even Gracie joined in when the girls decided to decorate their brother by burying him in stuffed animals.

Where's Reagan?!

If I were an art connoisseur I could tell you all about how the placement of each animal has significant meaning in my children's expression, but...I'm pretty sure this was a willy-nilly operation. 

It's a good thing Reagan has a sense of humor. :) Keep it, kid, I think you're going to need it!
I never know what new creations I will find around here, but what I do know is that my little Picasso's always keep me entertained!

I actually had a very long post right here that I decided to save for another day. Just wasn't feeling it this morning. :) The mornings have not be kind to me lately. They need to come about three hours later, haha. 

And, I seriously almost typed "I love you" as if I were ending a conversation with Eric on the phone. That's a sure sign that I need to go back to bed! Too bad that isn't happening. And I suppose I do love you all, so...Happy Thursday - love you! :D


Heather Rahn said...

I need Evie to come decorate my house. It's lacking the flair your toilet paper has.

Cassie said...

too cute!

hang in there momma. this too shall pass.

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather - she'll transform it from top to bottom. Free of charge! :)


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