Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Love Wee Sing!

Whoops! Forgot to post this earlier today. So no one will probably read it, but that's just fine. At least I can say I blogged for today, haha. We took Evelyn to Children's Hospital this morning about her little walking issue I told you about a few days ago. It's not really an issue at all. So, it's all good. And preschool screening is tonight, so that's exciting. Okay, let's get on with it!

When I was just a little girl, my cousin Pam made up an easter basket for me one year. This was before she had any kids of her own (and before her parents had grandkids), so I was pretty much spoiled like crazy by the whole lot of them. :)

In that basket were two things I remember getting all these years later: one was a ring that had my birthstone in it. I clearly remember that, because it was my first "real" jewelry, and I thought I was hot stuff. And the other thing I remember was this:

Ah, Wee Sing in the Big Rock Candy Mountains
My gateway video into the world of Wee Sing.

When I held that VHS in my hands and saw the bright colors and my favorite thing in the whole world - CANDY, I was hooked already. I wanted to take it home right away and pop it in the ole VCR. But, my mom said no. It was too late, so I'd have to wait until the next day to see it. So you know what I did? I woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning, before anyone else was awake in the house, tiptoed downstairs, and sat glued for an hour in front of the TV. Then I watched it again. And again. And again.

And at the end of the movie there was a little segment advertising all of the OTHER Wee Sing movies in the collection. "Grandpa's Magical Toys," "Wee Sing in Sillyville," "The Marvelous Musical Mansion," each seemed more thrilling and intriguing than the next! I wanted them all. It was a pretty serious addiction, I'm telling you. :)

I did end up amassing a pretty decent collection of all of those titles and more. The songs and stories in those videos seriously shaped the rest of my childhood imagination. Eventually I outgrew the movies, of course. And then, a decade later, in a fit of nostalgia, I ended up tracking them all down again on ebay, baha. Yes, as a teenager. I admit it.  

Fast-forward to today. Wee Sing movies can be purchased on DVD. I have children of my own. And Easter is coming up. So....

...another tradition will be passed.
A torch will be handed.
My kids will be Wee Sing-aholics. I am just sure of it. :)

And you know how I know? Cause I couldn't wait to share them, and we've been watching "Grandpa's Magical Toys" on Youtube for the past few days, haha. Evie asks for it every day. Can't wait until she's surprised with the REAL thing on Easter.

Admittedly, part of the pure joy of these movies comes with the fact that they bring so many wonderful childhood memories back for me. If I were to see them for the first time as an adult, I'm not quite sure what I would think of them. Especially since they were made in the early 90's. Ya know. A little cheese-tastic. (Eric thinks they're creepy, baha. But he doesn't appreciate all the claymation Christmas classics, either...and I'm pretty sure that's an abomination.)

BUT. I can assure you that kids will think they are great. Even today, twenty or so years later, parents and grandparents are leaving great reviews on amazon, sharing that the kiddos in their lives are entranced by these things, just as I was years ago. They teach great lessons through song and really foster imagination, today's honestly a little hard to come by.

So if any parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or whomevers out there are looking for Easter basket fillers this year...we highly recommend Wee Sing videos. Excuse me...DVD's. Welcome to 2013. Here are my personal favorite titles, in order of their favoriteness. :)

Eep! Tie for first place goes to:

And, well...second place is another tie. This is like choosing children, okay? Haha.


Third place goes to:

And fourth place goes to:

There are a few more titles, but these are our favorites! Well, okay MY favorites. The Robert kids have yet to see most of them. :)

I know I'm not the only grown person out there who secretly loves these movies, because it was discovered one fateful night in college that one of my roommates (Hi, Steph!) was a fellow Wee Sing freak-flag waving fan. I wonder if any one else I know shares some of the same childhood memories as me. (Let me know! It's like a club - we should make t-shirts, I'm telling you.)

You can check out the previews to many of the Wee Sing movies in this video. (Skip ahead to 2:15 to start seeing our very favorites.) 
Yes, they may be silly to adults, but they are entertainment gold for the small set. :)


Heather Rahn said...

Glad everything is okay with Evie's foot! Nothing wrong with being a little ya character!

Anonymous said...
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Glingdidit said...

And before Wee-Sing on VHS, there was Wee-Sing on cassette, with follow-along books with all of the lyrics. I was beyond obsessed with them, too!!!

Adrien said...

Yay!! :)

Thanks, Heather. :)


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