Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

A little weekend quickie today. Because it's already 10:00am and I chose sleep over the computer last night! And because Gracie is very possessive of the computer these days. (No, really. She sees it, she wants it. I have to HIDE it or she would want to play "dot com" games all day long.) Grace doesn't even want anyone else to have the computer when she naps.

It's kind of ridiculous. :)

We had another weekend of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, as per our usual. We learned on Sunday morning that Eric's pet dog Tiki of 16 years passed away in his sleep. Eric sure did love that little guy. I tried really hard to track down a picture of him, but I think they are all on our other computer. 

We are happy that he went peacefully. My most funny memory of Tiki, which Eric and I STILL joke about, was when Eric and I were dating and he still lived at his parent's house. We were lounging around with Tiki, and our conversation went a little something like this:

Eric: I love you...
Adrien: Oh, I love you, too!
Eric: ...Tiki.

Baha. I thought Eric was being sweet, and he was professing his love to his dog. I knew where I ranked. ;) The truth is, Tiki was in Eric's life long before I was. And it's so hard to believe that a pet Eric got when he was like, 11, would be loved for a while by his own kids! Pretty remarkable. We'll miss you, Tiki!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and the kids got a little visit from Lucky the Leprechaun. Eric said, "Look girls, Lucky left you some gold coins!" To which Gracie replied, "Not 'gold coins.' Gold doubloons!" Thank you, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

But a few chocolate coins weren't the only money we celebrated this weekend. Guys. I am SO EXCITED!


On Saturday we paid off a huge, ginormous, chunk of our debt. Huge! Like, Eric's student loans are completely gone. Bye bye - see ya. We have ONE more loan to pay and then we are debt free. 

I mean. 

Did I just type that? One more loan and we are debt free! Ya'll, that's going to be the biggest post I've ever written. Someday. Someday a lot sooner than we thought. :)

We celebrated with our traditional date night. Baha. Aldi and P'sghetti's. Wahoo! 

And here's a random picture of Reagan from the weekend, because this is my favorite onesie of all time, and I had to make sure I took a picture of it. :) Unfortunately, Reagan is never a fan of these pictures, and he's ALWAYS crying in them. He's the happiest baby I've ever seen, I promise. Haha.

And that's all to report this time around. But can I just say, this weather sucks. I had to get out last night in the ice cold rain with Reagan, and all I hafta say is I want 70 degree weather back - now, please. And thank you. 

Happy Monday!


Cassie said...

rip tiki :(

too funny that gracie sleeps on the computer. ha.

Heather said...

Haha...that picture of Gracie rates right up there with the one of her in the fairy wings! Love it!

So sorry about Tiki. That's so hard when they are with you for that long.

Yay for being debt free (almost)!!

Ashley N. said...

Sorry about Tiki :(. YAY for almost being debt free! I am just back at the starting gate for mine :(

Adrien said...

Thanks, guys. We sure will miss that little dog. :)


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