Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Look Back at March!

Long time no monthly wrap up. What happened to the end of March/early April? Life blew up, that's what happened. And let's be honest, I don't even remember most of March, but I'm going to attempt this thing anyway. :)

We'll let the youngest go first this time.

I asked Grace to choose a picture of her brother, and she picked this one.  I have a picture of all three of my babies staring at that sun. :)

Reagan is teetering much too close to "big baby" stage for my liking at 5 months old. Oh my. He isn't itty bitty anymore. He is super expressive, he laughs and babbles, and I'm not kidding - he is thisclose to crawling already. Kid loves his tummy time! Reagan now weighs 17 pounds - he's at the 50th percentile for both height and weight, so I have an average fellow.

Reagan has started that lovely stage where he has discovered that he can reach out and grab things, and boy does he have a grip! He's a pretty good pincher, too. Haha. I can see him gain more and more control of his reflexes every day, and it's so funny watching him spot an object, furrow his brow, and swipe at it like a pouncing predator. And when he gets what he wants Reagan smiles and pops it straight in his mouth! I love him so much - he is a little sweetie pie.

This picture still cracks me up. :)

Gracie is so hot and cold, I still don't know what to do with this child. Just when I think I have her all figured out, bam, she changes again. Gracie's personality is explosive. There is just no other way to describe it. I've worked with a lot of different kids in my lifetime, and they all seem to throw tantrums or show their extreme excitement the same way: It's a build up, a peak, and then a wind down. This is not the case with Grace. She just BURSTS right away into hysterics or "hoorays!" and as quickly as she began she can shut it off like (snap!) that. Explosive.

Gracie's favorites:

Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc
Favorite food: Guhnin (I seriously could NOT figure out what she was trying to say, haha.)
Favorite princess: Snow White
Favorite toy: Princess castle

Evelyn - Life is one big game to our oldest child these days. We are all actors in Evelyn's fantasy world, and if you don't respond to your fake name or call her by hers, you be called out and harassed until you comply. It's such a joyful way to live. ;) The thing is, we are all playing a new role every day, and Evelyn assigns the characters. It's a bit hard keeping it all straight, but Evie doesn't seem to have any problems at all directing her cast, haha.

Evelyn's favorite:

Favorite color: pink
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc  (this is what is currently playing on our TV, haha.)
Favorite food: orange chicken
Favorite princess: Pocahontas
Favorite toy: Cinderella doll

Caught Evelyn "reading" to Reagan. 

The girls have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. It's fun. Gracie usually instigates it, and Evelyn ends it. Let's just say they BOTH end up getting in trouble a million times a day. Toys are priceless possessions, you know...almost worth drawing blood over. When Grace hears me coming she stands her ground and screams louder...Evelyn runs and hides under the blankets. Haha. They are so, so different.

But for as much as they fight, they have their cute sisterly moments. My absolute favorite thing is hearing them sing Disney songs together in their bedroom as they play. Those girls love to sing!

And both girls continue to love their little brother to peices. They have nothing but hugs and kisses for him. I have never once, not for one minute, had any issues with jealousy over the extra attention I have to give Reagan. Whew! The poor guy gets his cheeks pinched and squished twenty times a day by his lovey sisters. It must be like living with two great aunts, haha.

We made A LOT of sweet memories in the month of March. 

It was a good month. :)

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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Christine Pettijohn said...

Cute photos as always.

The fighting at our house has picked up also over the past month. Now we even have it in the car to. Ugh.


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