Monday, April 29, 2013

Celebrating 60 Years

In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the President of the United States, Disney's Peter Pan was released, and the Corvette was available for sale for the first time. It was also the year that Don and Beulah Robert were married, and this weekend many friends and family members gathered to celebrate 60 years of marriage!

The members of the wedding party who were able to be with us on Sunday. :)

It was a lovely afternoon filled with good food and company! 

Austin and Evelyn were very interested in the golfers outside, haha.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when I overheard Grandpa being ribbed by his friend for "being with the same woman for sixty years! My gosh!" Haha. He saw that I was laughing at him and gave Reagan and me a wink. It was so funny. :)

We love family events, because it's a great excuse for cousins to get together and have fun. Gracie has never met a baby she didn't want to kiss!

Tessa and Reagan got to really hang out for the very first time. What a blessing to see them rolling and scooting around the floor together!

 We were missing pretty little cousin Lilly, but there was an attempt to take a picture with the great grandchildren who were there. This was the best we got. :)

Can you believe that when Eric and I were married less than five years ago there were NO kids in the family? Now look! It certainly has changed things. :)

It was a fantastic day. Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Robert!

The rest of our weekend was very much the same as usual. Eric whipped up a lamb roast last night, which was cooked to succulent perfection. Unfortunately, there are certain foods that, despite how tasty they are, trigger my gag reflex. Haha. Lamb is one of those things. Eric's whistling "Mary Had a Little Lamb" while he was carving it up did not help matters. :) 

And Reagan got to try baby food for the very first time. He loved it! Neither of the girls would ever eat the stuff, so I wonder if we'll have our very first baby food eating child.

We'll see. He hasn't wanted any of it today, haha. We'll keep trying!

It's a Monday, and it feels like one, but this week promises a few days of great weather, and we're going to enjoy it! Hope you have a great week and a happy Monday!

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Cassie said...

60 years! that's amazing. ah-mazing! looks like an awesome weekend.


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