Friday, April 12, 2013

Confession Friday 4-12!

Gracie was being such a goofball last night...I don't even know what got into my child - aka T-Rex, aka raspberry blower, aka chief belly button checker. But she would NOT fall asleep for anything. So I turned everything off and pretended like I was sleeping, and whaddya know...I open my eyes and it's morning!

Now I have to hurry and crank out some confessions before Reagan wakes up.

I confess that you can refer to the Robert family as the "sneeze brigade," cause Spring is kicking our butts. I'm over this itchy face of mine.

I confess that Mad Men before bed = some messed up dreams for this mama! Never again.

I confess that we were too busy to buy food last weekend, so I've been making our pantry stretch all week long. I have no idea what I'm feeding my kids today. But hey, pretty impressed with my foraging skills, haha.

I confess that my oldest child just woke up and said, "Hey mom, let's play a game! It's called you get me a bowl of cereal!"

And now ALL of the kids are awake. We are piled into one small bunk in the kids' room. Never know where I'll be blogging from, haha. Here's a "live" look at our life....

Reagan wouldn't look at me. :)

...crusty noses and all. I'm telling ya, those dang allergies!

Evelyn says:

I confess I play with my toys all day long. (I think she confesses this every time, haha.)

I confess I hit my sister on the third day, and I never should have done that, and I said that I would never do it again.

I confess that monsters make me scared and (a bunch of gibberish that I could not decipher.)

And that's all I've got. I know - lame! But my kids need a mom, and I'm fairly certain that's my job. Just be glad that there are computer screens and miles separating us from you, cause the symphony of sneezes and coughs going on right now ain't pretty!

I'm looking forward to spending some time with Eric this weekend. He hasn't been home in the evening for quite a, meetings, dinners, hospital visits...we're ready to have him home! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy Friday!

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Cassie said...

i love blogging from the kids bed. makes it impossible to be in a bad mood.

must be something in the air last night. stella was silly. she asked for a cookie and before i was even up she said, hurry i'm hungry.

excuse me?!?! lol.


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