Friday, April 19, 2013

Confession Friday 4-19!

I confess that Sharpies are no longer allowed in our house. But if you ever need to know what will or will not remove marks from cabinets, a refrigerator, or a floor - let me know! It's been a long week....

I confess that any time I see a smiling picture of a celebrity posted on Facebook anymore my first thought is that someone must have died. "Oh no, not Larry the Cable Guy!" False alarm.

I confess that sink holes continue to creep me OUT. Like I need a new phobia!

I confess that last night, without thinking, I made a big bowl of ice cream to share with the girls. A few minutes later Eric had disappeared into the kitchen and I found him mixing up some sugar-free pudding. With the most serious expression on his face, he turned to me and said, "Don't ever eat eat ice cream in front of me again." Haha. Whoops!

I confess that Eric and I rarely argue, but our most heated discussions are usually over one topic: how often our family will go to Disney World. I'm not joking. It gets personal. :D

Baha...Evelyn just ran out of her room all excited shouting, "I guess God was RIGHT!!" I have no idea what is going on, but yes sister, God was right. Best to learn these lessons early. :)

I grew up with a trampoline, and I never once got hurt on one. So why does it freak me out to watch my own kids jump around? I confess that I hold my breath every time the girls climb on, haha.

I confess that Reagan's feet make me laugh. He has the stubbiest little toes I've ever seen. They're adorable.

I confess that Reagan is officially in my favorite baby stage, and now would be a good time to find that remote control that pauses real life. Sigh. Even Evelyn asks if he can stay a baby forever.....

I confess that Gracie has pushed me to the brink every single day this week, yet she remains my favorite cuddle buddy at the end of every day. How can one hug erase hours of stress? I don't know. It's the magic of parenting, I suppose.

Woop - I confess that I just saw a number on the scale that I haven't seen in a very long time. Finally!

I confess that the girls just shut themselves in my closet, and I'm terrified of what they might destroy in there...but they're playing NICELY, so I'm letting it go. Eeeee....

I confess that I'm already looking forward to carnival rides, parades, and funnel cakes. Especially after dreary weeks likes these. Let's go, summertime!

It's been a looong week, but we made it!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)


Heather said...

It's been a long MONTH! I swear April is taking forever to end.

I can't wait to see you guys at picnics this summer so I can see Reagan do that eyebrow thing again. Ahhh! Loved it!

Cassie said...

i can't wait for my kids to have a trampoline! i want one SO bad!

Adrien said...

Hehe, he saves the eyebrows for the LADIES. :D

Cassie - the kids do love it! I'm almost glad my parents have one so we don't have to get one, haha. I could just see Gracie in the ER after trying to do some crazy stunt! :)


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