Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013 Part 1

First of all, I have the MOST wonderful friends and family anyone could ever ask for. And I truly mean that. Thank you for being so encouraging to me every day. I'm really glad that many of you enjoyed our Easter video; I only wish I had devoted more time to it!

We had a fabulous Easter! It was yet another exhausting and full holiday, filled with food, family, and fun. We were blessed with great weather, and I can't say that I'd change a thing about how our day went. I always seem to break up our Easter recaps into two days, because there are tons of pictures and many many hours of memories to share.

So today's is the traditional pre-church Easter morning at our house...complete with bed heads and egg hunts on the front lawn in our pajamas. Haha.

I scaled back a bit this year on the baskets, just as we did with Christmas gifts. Once again the thinking was that the kids would probably receive many other gifts throughout the day - and boy did they! And they didn't blink an eye...I probably could have stuffed their baskets with canned corn and they would have been pretty darn excited about it. 

Evie and Grace's baskets were very similar. We call that fight insurance. :)

Reagan got a few things in his wonky handled basket. Haha.

Reagan was the first awake - he quite likes the holidays. Just can't hold back the enthusiasm.

But his sisters soon followed. They walked right past the baskets, haha. 

We had to point out their treats to them, but once they saw those baskets there were audible gasps. That would be a big "mission accomplished" for this mama.

In retrospect I can't believe I got them to pose for pictures before looking in their baskets, haha. But soon they were digging through. 

When Evie saw her very own Wee Sing dvd of Grandpa's Magical Toys she said, "NO. WAY."
Yep, she's my daughter. 

The girls spotted easter eggs outside, and they were chomping at the bit to go gather them up! It was pretty wet out, and we didn't want them in their nice clothes before church, running around in the mud. So our kids slipped on some rain boots and went running outside in their pj's. We have no shame. :)

Reagan hung out on the front porch and observed while his two big sisters ran around. 

This was one of three egg hunts for the day, haha.

The girls went inside to crack open eggs and look through their loot. I try not to do *too much* candy, knowing that they'll get even more later. So this year we did stickers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures, and coins in addition to ring pops and strawberry candies. The girls' favorite every year is the little Disney figures, which I pick up at Dollar Tree. Later when Evelyn asked what she got for Easter, out of everything she said, "I got a little Donald Duck!"

Eric made breakfast, and we had a great morning at home. And that was just the beginning of our day. We hadn't even gotten dressed for church yet! So I think we'll stop there. Next, we get dappered up and head out for a fun day with family. :)

Eric is home with us today, and we just finished up a yummy ham and egg breakfast - thank you Easter leftovers, haha. Hope you had a great holiday weekened!


Heather said...

Love those hats!!! My niece has the horse one that Gracie has on. They kill me.

I saw you guys walking yesterday. My mom lives back by you now. Was going to stop but I didn't think you'd know me in my car and I didn't want to freak out the kids :)

Adrien said...

Ahahaha - you totally should have!! :D

Erin said...

So cute!! Hey outfits don't matter when you're huntin eggs!! You are super mom;)

Adrien said...

Erin, my sister said she came in and drove you nuts with her hair, baha. But it turned out super cute! :)

Erin said...

Haha, she was FINE!! It took a little while, but she had a TON of hair! I'm glad she likes it:) I thought it turned out great!

april r. said...

I love their hats!


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