Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013 Part 2

When I left off yesterday we were just getting ready to get dressed for church. As were were changing the kiddos the sun came out, and the rest of the day was glorious! Our family was in the nursery for Easter, and we read the Easter Story and played with toys as usual. Kids tried to escape from the room. It was all good.

Then we packed up and went to great grandma and grandpa Robert's house for lunch. We decided we should try to get a family picture BEFORE the festivities instead of after like we do every other year. :)



And no, I'm not going for an ombre hairstyle, it's just been that long since I've been able to get my hair done. Haha.

I didn't take food pictures this year...and goodness knows we ate a lot of it! But I did get some of the kids receiving a few gifts from grandparents and aunts and uncles! :)

Reagan was wearing a hat all day, but somehow I never seemed to get it in any pictures. Kind of makes me sad. First world problems! 

We were very excited that Tessa was with us, too! :)

We had fun at egg hunt #2 of the day.

 Egg, egg, whose got the egg?
"It's right behind you!"
"Behind you!"

"We can't find it!"

Austin was tickled pink when Evelyn finally found that darn easter egg. He laughed hysterically and ran away. That kid cracks me up!

 Hey look - I found some pictures of Reagan in his hat!

He's like my little old man.

Before we left great grandma and grandpa's I caught Gracie lining up all of the stuffed bunnies and giving them a stern talking to.

She gets very vocal in her imaginative play, let me tell ya!

Next up was some Easter fun at my parent's house. The kids wasted no time in checking out what goodies were left for them at grandma and grandpa's!

More baskets for the kids (and a shoe change for mom, haha.)
And before we sat down to an Easter dinner feast, we went on the third and final egg hunt of the day. Whew!

John is five, and he is ridiculously tall! :)

Reagan was awake for this egg hunt, and he enjoyed the fresh air. Ah, Spring!
(He was smiling at my dad, whose birthday happened to be on Easter this year. Happy Birthday, dad!)

The kids came inside and checked out their eggs....

And then, just like at lunch, there was ham. 
And so many fixings I can't even remember them all!

We ate so much at dinner that no one had room for dessert. My mom whipped up several pies, banana pudding, and the traditional bunny cake. We took home a bit of each, and it was all delicious! I had a dream last night that I gained twenty pounds, and I think I know why. 

So many memories made and all in one day! Is it exhausting? Yes. Oh, yes. We don't know holidays any other way. Our holiday cup overfloweth. Baha.

Whew. And that's it. Easter 2013. Reagan's very first. It was a good one!


Heather said...

I swear, every time I see a picture of you I expect to see a cape hanging around you neck that says "Super Mom".

What I love most about you is that you don't complain about all the places you have to go. Even with three kids, not one complaint in that whole Easter post about loading up all the kids in the car so many times. I LOVE THAT!!!

Adrien said...

Honestly Heather, our talks about this before and your encouragement are what make me remember to take it in and appreciate it! Even when I'm pooped, haha.

Cassie said...

yay again for that awesome weather. i love the girl's dresses. seriously ADORABLE!!

April R. said...

That's a really neat picture of Gracie talking to the stuff bunnies. She will treasure that photo.


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