Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evelyn the Photographer Part 2

So my yesterday just sucked. There is no nice way to put it. I was literally channeling my inner Goldie Hawn by the end of the day. I could barely form words. This was me.

If you've never seen this movie I invite you to jump into your Delorean and get your last 20 years back, because your life was not complete for all of that time.

So full of redneck goodness.

Being a stay at home mom rocks, not gonna lie. There are many perks involved. It can also be a one-way ticket to the loony bin if you're not careful. I find that there is a very fine line between "insane" and "mom of three little ones." From a distance one might not be able to tell the difference. "Bub buh-buh buh buh...."

Ha! Gets me every time.

Evelyn has been up to her old shenanigans - taking random pictures with my phone for me to find later. I can't even tell you how many times I think "What in the world...?" when these pictures pop up on our computer. But she is just as proud of them as always!  So I thought I would let her share a few more and explain what is going on, in her very own words. :)

Evie's explanations are in pink, and some if them make as much sense as the pictures themselves, haha.

 These crack me up. Seems like every time you turn around people are protesting something. It's no different in the Robert household - even our dolls protest. Equal rights for all shapes!!

So what does Evie have to say?

"Oh, they are just playing, they are so friends. And I like to play with them, They are very nice."

Here's a lovely picture of Eric!

"Haha - I made this! Daddy has a whole bunch of hair." :D 

My kids dress themselves. Clearly.

"Gracie was on the floor, and...zoo da da da..."

There are always a few TV pictures....

"I was taking a picture of Monsters Inc. That's Boo in a newspaper."

"I took my shoes off at your parent's house, and I jumped on the trampoline."

This darn gourd has been floating around our house forever. The girls even poked a bunch of holes in it, and it was still going strong. I finally tossed it when no one was looking, but apparently not before Evelyn photographed a beloved "toy."

"A pumpkin and my slipper - how did you know?? I took a picture of that, because it's my favorite."

"That's daddy and Reagan. Uh...where is my dad? Daddy was holding Reagan, and he liked to hold him tightly."

"Belle and Reagan in his pumpkin carseat. That's a baby one, do the baby one!"

And this one made me laugh out loud. What in the world?

"Uh...what's her name? WHAT? That's silly! Oh yeah, that's Gracie." :)

When asked if Evelyn had any parting words to summarize all of her photography, she said, "I like to take pictures in Red Bud. The End." Haha. So there you go!

The amount of time and effort spent just trying to put this short post together this morning already has me walking the tightrope of insanity for today. I've been typing with one hand, feeding a baby, serving up snacks from the couch, a child is screaming in my ear. And a naked kid just ran by. I gotta go. Happy Wednesday? :)


Heather said...

If I ever get married, your kid is going to be my photographer.

Adrien said...

Haha, she'd get some interesting shots for you, that's for sure. Ones no one else would ever think to get. :D


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