Friday, April 26, 2013

Stuff That Makes Ya Feel Good

Well, we owe an apology to one very adorable girl today. Little Miss Lyla's mommy gave us permission to use her cute photos in our slideshow for yesterday, and somehow I didn't see it. My heart just dropped when I realized my blunder last night. That would NOT do, no way, no how. No child left behind! :D

So we made a special little video just for her. Here you go, Lyla, we are very sorry. You are beautiful and so loved!

Erin - obviously this is yours to use however you please. :)

*If we missed anyone else that gave us permission via facebook last week, let me know! I didn't want to swipe people's photos without asking first, haha. 

Today we celebrate another cutie patootie, too. Reagan is six months old! Holy cow, I really can't believe it. We're halfway to a year already, and somewhere between dirty diapers and laundry piles time just slipped right on by!

I think our love for our son goes without saying. So I'll just leave it with, "Happy Six Months, Reagan!" I sincerely hope the next six slow down a bit!

And now for something really awesome. Eric got an email invitation this week from Jon Jerome, founder of Operation Homefront, to come out and share in honoring a disabled veteran and his family.

On Wednesday a wonderful couple from Collinsville, IL donated a HOME to a veteran - how awesome is that! Through the amazing work of Operation Homefront not only did this family receive a new place to live, but Home Depot donated a brand new washer and dryer as well as lawn equipment and even hooked it up for them. "Two Men And a Truck" packed up the family and moved them to their new home. It is so great to see a community come together to help someone out. Love that!

Eric said that there was a news crew and reporters there, and it was a wonderful, intimate event. We're very thankful that he was able to be there, and we continue to support Operation Homefront and all that they do to take care of our military families!

It's looking like our weekend might be a bit wet, but I'm holding out hope that it will still be a good one. We hope that you have a little fun, stay safe, and we'll see you back here on Monday! :)


Heather said...

What a touching moment for Eric to be involved in! I can't imagine how emotional something like that would be to be a part of.

Erin said...

Thanks so much for the slide show. I LOVE IT!! You did not have to do that!! But it's pretty awesome that you did:)

Adrien said...

You're welcome! :)


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