Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

We had a long weekend filled with lots of appointments and meetings and errands. The weather was GLORIOUS. Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy it much, because well...we were in a lot of appointments and meetings, haha. But some neat things are happening that we are excited to be a part of...all very much still in the works, so there's not much to elaborate on at the moment. Hopefully in the coming months I will be able to share how we can serve you and/or your family. :)

I have to admit I was super jealous of everyone's zoo trips and outdoor fun! I'm glad at least our friends were able to get out and enjoy a great spring weekend. I lived vicariously through your pictures!

On Thursday we took Grace and Evelyn to the dentist, where we knew it was going to be nothing but bad news, and it was. Haha. No amount of brushing will ever save our children's poor inherited teeth. It is what it is. Let's just say that in a month or so, both of our girls will be admitted to Children's hospital and put under for dental work. Fun times! Always something around here. These are the types of things that have prolonged our getting out of debt for so long. You don't want to know how much this whole fiasco is going to cost. Sheesh! It's very hard to get ahead when unexpected costs always seem to pop up, but we can't complain when our needs are always more than provided for! It could always be worse, that's what I tell myself. :)

This was actually Evelyn's very first trip to the dentist, and I wasn't able to document it quite as well as I did Gracie's. Let's just say, while I didn't love the news we got there, I loved the kids' new dentist! The staff, the facilities - it was ALL wonderful. Evelyn was convinced that her dentist office was going to be straight out of Finding Nemo, and we tried to head off her disappointment by saying, "You know, there might not be a fish tank there," which was something she kept talking about.

Then we walked into the waiting room and all of our child's dreams came true.

And yes, the tank was stocked with all of the same lovable fish friends from the movie, haha.

Not only was there a giant fish tank in the waiting room, but Finding Nemo was playing on every big screen TV in the place, as well as on the smaller screens that hung above each of the dentists chairs. Pretty sure Evie's day was made. :)

While we waited for our turn, a few other kids trickled out one at time, each looking like they had come from a birthday party with helium balloons and popsicles in hand. And even though Grace screamed bloody murder and Evelyn would barely open her mouth (oh man) they still got their prize. Along with rubber duckies and coins to redeem in the "prize tower." I mean. Why would they ever want to leave this place? Long gone are the days that we can say, "You better brush your teeth, you wouldn't want an extra trip to the dentist!" 

In all seriousness, I am thankful that are folks out there who care enough to go the extra mile, and both we and our children felt very comfortable in a place that gives some people nightmares. Haha.

Eric and I snuck away on Saturday night to run errands, and we celebrated 11 years together. Still love him in immensely sickeningly sweet ways. And on Sunday, well...there was church, then lunch, then back to church for me for a meeting, then dinner, then back to church for Eric and me for another meeting, then I got to go home while Eric stayed for another, different meeting. And no, I'm actually not complaining, that's just how it goes sometimes. Everything seems to happen all at once!

I wish our lives were more exciting, but alas, they are not. :) 

We are very sad today to hear of the passing of Margaret Thatcher. I highly recommend the movie The Iron Lady to learn more about this amazing leader that the world has lost. But on a happier note, tonight we will celebrate the adoption of a very special boy! Lots to do today, so must say peace out and happy Monday!


Meagan said...

I hear ya with the unexpected costs of everything!! I know what we are paying for Keegan's dental stuff (a crown & a pulling) so I can only imagine what you will be paying for the girls' since they will actually be at the hospital! Seriously, I don't know why we pay for dental insurance when it doesn't even cover a fourth of it when we need it!!

Adrien said...



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