Thursday, May 2, 2013

April in the Rearview

April showers bring May flowers! Our kids, especially Evelyn, are obsessed with tulips these days. I don't know how the obsession started, but we can't go on a walk anymore without hearing, "Tulips! Tulips up ahead!" So while we had a pretty rainy month of April, I'm thankful for all that the refreshing Spring rain brought with it. We love those darn tulips! What else have the Robert kids been loving? Here's our monthly look back!

Mr. Reagan turned the big six months old in April. He's halfway to his first birthday, and he has officially entered both mine and Eric's favorite baby stage. Babbling and sitting up make for fun play, but he's still relatively immobile, so he's more like a really entertaining potted plant. Haha. He is still my easy, smiley, laid back baby boy. (Please oh please don't ever change!)

Reagan is currently testing the waters on his baby food preferences.

Applesauce: Yes!
Green beans: Yes!
Peaches: Eh
Bananas: Heck no
Carrots: Yes!
Chicken: Major gag factor

We're still in the trial and error phase. :)

When Eric and I used to dream about our "Reagan," before we were even married, I always pictured him with dark hair and eyes just like his daddy. But what we got was a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed son, and I gotta say, I wouldn't trade those baby blues for anything. They are the first thing everyone notices about him...and I have a hunch they might get him into and out of a lot of trouble someday. ;)

I mentioned last month that Gracie is ALWAYS our unpredictable child. Well guess what? She's flipped the switch again. April treated Gracie well...and while we certainly had our normal ups and downs, she was extra lovey, talkative, and imaginative. (We're just going to mentally block out the Sharpie calamity of 2013.)

My favorite Grace-ism this month: her use of the word, "right." As in, "YES, oh my gosh, you actually understand what I'm saying!!!!" There's this look, this joyous smile that spreads across Grace's face these days when she asks for something or tries to tell us something and we comprehend what she's saying. In a way, it almost breaks my heart. It has been so frustrating for Grace up until now, and to see...I don't know...almost relief on her face to get something as simple as a snack that she's asking for makes me so heart breakingly happy for her.

Grace: I want choc milk, mom.
Me: You want some chocolate milk?
Grace: Choc milk - right!

Grace: Where's Cinwella?
Me: Are you looking for your Cinderella doll?
Grace: Cinwella - right!

Haha. These are our conversations, 20 times a day. :)

Oh, Evelyn Lily, she's so silly. I think Evie hears this a million times a day. She thinks it's funny. :) Evelyn is pretty much everything she is supposed to be right now. She's an imaginative, curious, cute, tattle-tailer, who picks up every other kid's bad habits like they're going out of style. My current favorites are spitting in the house and pushing Gracie out of the way for no apparent reason. Haha. In other words, she is just a totally normal kid.

Though, I've never met anyone who can remember song lyrics quite like she can. Or people's names. The kid has a stellar memory. She even relays her dreams back to me sometimes. I get the biggest kick out of her giggling through tales of meeting Mike and Sully (from Monsters Inc.) and telling them her name. Oh my, does she love that dream.

Lately I've been noticing just how BIG she is. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that she is going to school this fall, or even that she could have been in school this year already if we had chosen for her to be. No way do I have a kid that old. Nope! It can't be true. I balk at the fact that someday I will more than likely have children who are taller than I am. So Evelyn, please take your time in growing. Being the shortest kid in the class was good enough for me, and it can be good enough for you! ;)

April was filled with many rainy days inside, punctuated by a few really great days to get out and enjoy the Spring. Playgrounds are more popular for our kids than ever before, and I can already tell that splashing outside in the water is going to be a warm weather favorite this year!

Eric and I look at each other nearly every day and thank God for our "great kids." If your kids were our kids I'm certain we'd think they were great, too. Haha. We just love the joy that they bring to our lives!

Our hope for May is that we'll have lots more time to spend outside before it gets HOT. Day trips and more family time are a must. Eric has a couple of weeks of no school coming up before summer classes start, and I'm thankful for the short break! Eric, if you want to surprise us with a day or two off this month, we wont complain. ;)

And now there's a blanket and some books waiting for us on the back patio. We're trying to squeeze as much outdoor time in as we can before the rains come back today! Hope you all have a great day - it's almost the weekend!


Heather said...

Love everything about this! It's been so fun watching your kids grow into their own little personalities. Your blog is about the only one I still read, and if you ever quit, I will be devastated.

Adrien said...

Boy am I glad you are still here!! Sometimes it feels like there are just a handful of people who are still checking in, and I'm so thankful for those few! :)


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