Friday, May 10, 2013

Confession Friday - Happy Mother's Day!

This one is coming atcha a little late, because Evelyn wanted to play a computer game this morning. She gets to play on the computer when Gracie naps, and since Gracie slept in this morning Evie thought she ought to be able to play, haha. I let her cause I love her. :)

I thought I would make some special confessions today in honor of Mother's Day. We love moms, and I love being one!

I confess that I am a child at heart, which is probably why this mom gig is so much fun for me. (Well, most of the time!) I love living every day through the eyes of a kid again.

I confess that before I had kids I would daydream about signing all of our names in cards, and it was my favorite way to doodle when I was bored. Now I have five names to sign every time, and I always smile thinking about how I couldn't wait to do it for real.

Let's just be honest....I confess that buying things for my kids is really buying things for ME. Haha. They don't care about what they're wearing or even what they're playing with half of the time, but I have so much fun with it!

I confess that I know Henry Hugglemonster, Doc McStuffins, Milli, Geo, and Bot, and it makes me sad to think that someday I won't have an excuse to get to know all of the obscure characters of childhood. :)

I confess that I'm patting a baby's back with one hand, blogging with another hand, and folding laundry with my other hand...wait, what?

I confess that I believe with all of my heart that human life begins at conception, and because of that, I truly do believe that any woman who has carried a baby for any length of time, regardless of whether or not she ever got to meet that baby, is a mama. Once you give your heart to a child, that's it. That's motherhood.

Haha, this might seem like a totally random picture of me, and is. But this is when I first became a mother...I just didn't know it yet. :)

Nine months later we had...

And 16 months after that we had...

Then 24 months later came...

We've been busy!

I confess that I am so relieved to have reached a place where I feel no mommy guilt whatsoever for taking time away from my kids. None. Time away can be a very good thing.

I confess that Eric and I are super blessed with great moms of our own, who have made it very easy to be parents ourselves. Happy Mother's Day to Joyce and Joan!

I confess that it's weird for me to call my mom by her first name. She's just mom! She will always be mom. :)

I confess that one of my constant prayers is that all of the women in the world who want to be moms will get to be moms. Whether you have kids now, are waiting for that baby to arrive, have carried a life in your belly, or have the heart to be a mother someday, we wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

Have a great weekend, friends!


Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day Adrien!! I hope you have a great one because you seriously deserve it!!

Katie said...

Love this post! Happy Mother's Day :)

Sara Simpson said...

What a lovely post!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!

Cassie said...

i love these posts. man, you are just such a great person adrien!


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