Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conquering Fears - Park Style

Fears can be paralyzing, you know? They can suck the life and joy out of something, because fears spend a lot of time holding us back from what we truly have the potential to accomplish. How much do we miss out on in life because fear takes hold and we decide to take the safe route instead?

Well, it was a big day for some of us Roberts yesterday. It was a gorgeous and unassuming Spring day at the park. Little did I know that two of my kids would learn some important life lessons without even realizing it, and so would I. :) We overcame several small fears that lifted weights from our shoulders and most importantly, allowed us to have FUN.

Fear #1 - I feared that I would never get to take my kids to the park this summer, because I couldn't handle all three by myself.

Sometimes conquering a fear means first admitting that you might not be able to do something on your own, and having a support system makes a huge difference! I'm sure there are plenty of moms with a bazillion kids who truck off to the park all by their lonesome, but that ain't me. And it doesn't sound like fun. At all. I need to call in backup assistance. :)

Thanks to family and friends like Ashley, my fear of park-going is conquered. We actually WILL have a life this summer. Woot!

Fear #2 - Evelyn's fear of heights and trying new things.

Yesterday I kept hearing Evelyn say, "I did it! I did it!" as she played with a new friend that she met. After hearing this a few times I walked over to Evie, and she exclaimed gleefully that she climbed to the very top of the playground equipment using the climbing wall - quite the feat for my cautious baby!

Look at that face as she was coming down. Evie was so darn proud of herself. Fear conquered!

Fear #3 - Going down the "big" slide.

Honestly, this slide isn't even very big compared to other slides I've seen my girls go down, but for whatever reason Evelyn and Grace never liked this one. Something about it just scared them, and they'd usually climb up the stairs and climb right back down. Not yesterday!

After a few goes, Gracie was putting her hands up in the air and screaming like she was on a roller coaster. It was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure she's going to be a thrill-seeker after watching that. ;) Neither girl is afraid of the slide anymore. They love it!

Fear #4 - What goes up, must come down. Both of my girls have problems with getting into situations that they can't get themselves out of - namely, climbing in and on things that they can't get down from again. (And this is true at home, too!)

The last time we were at this park (just a couple of weeks ago), Evelyn and Gracie were terrified to climb out of this truck jungle gym. I have no idea why. But then yesterday, they zipped right down like it wasn't a thing at all. Where all of this new confidence came from I have no idea, but they sure were smiling a lot as they accomplished new things!

And while we're speaking of accomplishments - Congrats to my hubby for winning the final round of the ACG cup this week! Woot!! I don't wanna brag or anything, but yes I do. This is a big deal, and we're very proud of Eric. :)

Just a little bit of self-confidence can go a very long way. While we were at the park it seemed like the rush of excitement and the sounds of praise just spurred the girls on to keep doing more, trying more, taking new risks. And really, this is so true in the rest of life, too. It's easy to get comfortable. But there is great reward in taking a risk. Is it possible to fall down and bust your face sometimes? Absolutely. But the thrill of accomplishment trumps the sting of a fall every time. Once you've gotten a taste of it, you want more. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started, but like a snowball rolling down a hill, you gain momentum, and you pick up more confidence along the way. And then...well...there's just no stopping you. :)

I love when my kids teach or remind ME of something. If an opportunity arrises, take the risk today. Face the fear. Whatever it is in your life. Fight for it. Believe in it. Conquer it!


Heather said...

Awwww...look at you guys go! Big day!!

Cassie said...

this is awesome!! proud of them - and be proud of yourself too. you raised these great kids!


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