Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY: Foam Board Flower Letters

It's officially time to start getting ready for an almost four year old's birthday this year! Every single year I struggle with the question, "Should we have a birthday party or shouldn't we?" Since Reagan will be having a big first birthday party, I really did consider not doing much for the girls this time around. But then Evelyn started getting excited at the prospect of having a "friends" party where we invite more people her age and not just family, and we are again!

Evelyn is SUPER excited for her "Butterfly Garden" birthday party, and she tells anyone who will listen all about it. I love that she is actually involved this year, and it makes it that much more special.

There will be two main things going on as far as decorations are concerned: butterflies and flowers. One of the very first things I knew I wanted to do was to create a letter "E" made from flowers to act as a centerpiece for a display. I love the way that ours turned out, and I think this fun project works well for birthdays, nurseries, bedrooms...any place that could use a girly touch of personalization.

I used:
Foam Board
Loose silk flowers - no stems
Hot glue gun
Exacto knife

This is so ridiculously easy, it almost doesn't need a tutorial!

First, I laid out all of loose silk flower heads to determine how many I would need and how big I wanted the actual letter. I ended up using 30 flowers for our letter "E."

One thing I assumed would be a giant pain was the backs. Whether you purchase the flowers loose or take the stems off yourself, you will probably be left with this pointy part that won't allow your flowers to lay flat. I cringed at the thought of trying to snip the hard plastic off of each and every one. That's when it came to me - FOAM BOARD!

I just poked the flower right through. Easy peasy! 

Some flowers went through easier than others. For those that needed a little help, I pre-poked a hole with the tip of a sharp ink pen. Nothing fancy around here!

I went ahead and put the flowers in first before cutting out the letter, but you could do it either way. Use the corner or sides of the foam board when possible for fewer cuts!

Once the flowers were placed where I wanted them, I flipped the foam board over and used my exacto knife to cut out the letter. It cuts like butter through the board. Make sure you are working on a surface that is prepped so that you don't scratch what's underneath. I laid down another piece of foam board before I started cutting. Cardboard works well for this, too.

I still need to go back in and cut away the pieces of white you can see, but for the most part, it's finished!

Some of the flowers need to be reinforced with glue to make sure they don't slide out, but most of mine have a pretty snug fit. I actually took the letter and swung it around like a fan and all but two of the flowers didn't budge. I may or may not put some sort of backing on it to cover the stems, but...I'm not really that picky, so I probably won't, haha.

You can prop this letter up on a table, attach a loop of string on the back so that it can hang on a wall, or even add a ribbon or two so that it can hang down or be tied around a pole. It's an easy project that didn't take long at all once I ironed out the kinks. The best part is that you can find cheap supplies at Dollar Tree if you want! I recommend using bigger flowers that have flatter heads so that you use less of them to cover more area. The look will completely change depending on the colors and the types of flowers you use!

Evelyn saw her birthday letter this morning and squealed with delight. :)

Happy crafting!


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Sara Simpson said...

So cute! Love it!!! I should hire you for my baby shower!!!

Meagan said...

So cute!! You have the best ideas ever!

Adrien said...

Sara - Would definitely be cute at a shower. ;)

Thanks, girls!


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