Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May!

Oh my GOSH - what a fantastic day yesterday was! I can't even. We went to the park, came home to recharge, the girls went to the playground and their grandparent's house to swim, then they came home for dinner, and we spent the rest of our evening strolling around town. Clearly we were making up for lost Spring time! There was no way I was sitting still long enough to type a whole blog post, haha. The fresh air was calling our name.

Yesterday was definitely an experiment in handling three kids at a park without Eric along. I learned something that I had already assumed: it's not possible for me to do it alone. It just isn't safe with my sneaky runaways. So it's a very good thing that we were meeting our friend Ashley there, and boy was she a lifesaver! Thank you, Ashley! She is one of the very few people that Reagan will go to without fuss and be happy as a clam. He's still very attached to his mama, but Ashley has that special touch, I guess. :)

We also saw a few other friends and their cuties, too. The park was just swimming with kiddos, and I loved it. My only problem is that I never get to say much more than "Hi!" and "Bye!" because I'm chasing my kid across a playground, haha.

I didn't snap any pictures yesterday, but last night while looking for a picture for a photo contest, I found these. I didn't even know they existed! Love when that discovering a little time capsul. This is Gracie in October 2011. young. So innocent. :)

In other news, HAPPY MAY!

We're excited for a new month! The month where our local schools wrap things up for the year and summer vacation starts. For our family that means getting our grandmas back any time we want. :) So in some ways, it feels like our summer vacation, too! 

The weather is beautiful again today, and then there is rain predicted every day until at least next Tuesday - boo! So we're going to enjoy it while we can. I'll be more excited to blog when we're stuck inside again, haha. Hope you guys have a great day. :)


Christine Pettijohn said...

Such a cute photo. I wish the weather would be nice on Thursday and Friday when I am off so we could do a park play date. This weather is killing me.

Heather said...

Love those pictures!!! I hope your doing your monthly update on the kids!

Adrien said...

I know, Christine! It's such tease when we get a few nice days!

Yep Heather! Tomorrow hopefully. :)


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