Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This is one of those times that I'm seriously sad to be blogging, because it only means one thing: a really good weekend is over. And what a LONG weekend it was! Aside from his Saturday shift at the radio station, Eric hasn't been at work since Thursday morning. We loved the little mini-cation we've had over the past few days. Where do I even begin?


Thursday was Grace's speech therapy evaluation. We had no idea what to expect, but we knew it would feel better getting advice from a professional and not just judging Grace's abilities based on our own assessment.

Wow. Can I just say...Eric and I are both looking at our Gracie girl a little differently today. She's like a new kid. I am so thankful for that speech evaluation. This is what we learned: Gracie has a HUGE vocabulary. She is stellar in speech comprehension. And she scores super high for speaking in 5-6 word sentences with proper grammar - all way above average on the chart for a 2.5 year old. The only issue she has is with articulation...and that we already knew.

So there are some exercises we can do at home and some resources we were directed to which will help us to help her. There is no rush to actually start her in speech therapy. What a weight off of our shoulders!! Move over Einstein, I think our Gracie is some kind of misunderstood child genius. Ha. ;)


On Friday Eric was caught in his birthday suit in the YMCA locker room by a bunch of day camp kids...ahaha. And after that, we went to the zoo.

Holy Friday before Memorial Day - was it packed! I've never been to the zoo when it was so busy. We had a great day (and seriously, the weather was to die for) but we sort of zoomed around from place to place and we skipped a bunch, because lines were loooong.

It was Reagan's first trip! One of the things I was most looking forward to about this year was introducing Reagan to all of the fun things we like to do as a family. So how did he like the zoo? Well, he was happy as a clam and slept half of the time, haha. Which was actually amazing, because it was totally easy. That little boy has just slipped right on in to our family seamlessly. 

We timed our trip to see the elephants perfectly, and ended up at the right place at the right time to view the newest zoo baby - Priya. Of course, everyone else was clamoring to see her, so we had to hold the kids up one at a time to take a look.

We had a lovely afternoon and then came back to Illinois for Friday night festivities - Shannon's graduation.

A perfect night for outdoor graduation. I was one of the oh so lucky classes that got to graduate in the gym. Woo. Hoo.  Haha. I know that several of you were there supporting some youngins, too - congratulations to all!

Am I really only up to Saturday? I've got to speed this thing along! Saturday was a fun family day - super low key. We hung out at home, something we rarely all do at the same time, and took a walk. The kids were out early that night, so Eric and I stayed up and actually got to spend some time alone in our own house. :) On Sunday we had church and a BBQ at my parent's house. We're still eating the leftovers, and I'm not complaining at all!

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and we give thanks for those who have served us in ways we could never repay. Freedom is something we take for granted until it's taken away. I'm thankful for days at the zoo, for trips to the park, to freely choose the church I worship in...all little things made possible by preservers of freedom. God Bless the USA!

I think I've already exhausted my use of the word "perfect" for today, so I'll just say yesterday was sublime! Superb! Supreme! (Thank you, thesaurus.) 

We spent the morning at the park. One of us swung a little too high on the swing set and scared himself. I won't say which of us that was. Bless his little heart. :D

We came home for a family lunch, then packed up the kiddos and shopped til we dropped. It's getting easier and easier to cart around three kids. Loving that. And then we came home and enjoyed a quick Spring storm while we made dinner. By the time we were ready for a walk the storms passed and we had a stroll in the cool night air to end one very long weekend!

I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say that sometimes staying home and enjoying what our own area has to offer is just as fun and refreshing as a far-away vacation. In some ways, even more so. The past few days were a chance to reconnect as a family after a busy couple of months.

Today marks a few summertime milestones - even though it's not officially summer yet! School is out  and Eric no longer has to wear a suit and tie to work - it's casual dress time. Yay for easy laundry. Haha - it's the little things, ya know?

Oh, and geez, I can't not give a shout out to our "Aunt" Heather is who has a tiny little life in her belly. EEEEE!! Oh, how we've been praying for you over the past few weeks, girl. Love that baby already! So many wonderful blessings lately, and we couldn't be happier. :D

Alright that's it. I've gotta stop. It's a nice day, and we've got stuff to do! Hope your weekend was awesome!

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Heather said...

Awwww thanks doll!!!! I'm telling you...you are my good luck charm! So don't stop the prayers!!


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