Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I don't know about you, but we ate A LOT of mexican food this weekend. Funny thing is, Eric and I weren't even thinking about Cinco de Mayo, but if there was a restaurant with a name like "Tequilas" anywhere near us in the past couple of days, we were there.

First order of business...this isn't going to mean anything to most of you, but perhaps a few. Congratulations to my alma mater Greenville College in electing a new college I actually know and quite like. Eric, you would LOVE Dr. Ivan Filby.  His list of accomplishments is about 50 miles long, but my favorite: the dude knows Bono. He was at his wedding for crying out loud. Dr. Filby's wife attended a small group bible study with Bono before he was "Bono." And well, in my book that pretty much made him a shoe-in for the presidency. :)

(If you are asking yourself "Who is Bono?" we need to rethink our friendship. Haha. Kidding.)

On Friday evening we had an impromptu dinner at Great Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house, because cousin Lilly was in town. Yay! We had all of the cousins together in one place at one time. Now that I think about it, that may have been a first, since Tessa was unable to be with us at Christmas. Anyway, the kids had a BLAST. Lilly and Gracie are actually a lot alike, haha. (Watch out!) There was quite a bit of jumping, squealing, and running going on. Cute cute cute.

We took lots of pictures and video with our phones this weekend, but this is the only one showing up in iphoto for me right now. (Boo!) Here are the kids doing what the kids do best...making a giant mess. :)

On Saturday Eric and I had our typical "date night" with third wheel Reagan along for the ride. He is the best restaurant baby I've ever had. He just chills out like it's not a thing. Love it. Now that the girls are getting older they are beginning to get easier in restaurants, too, and believe it or not (cause I'm not sure if I even do) we had all three kiddos out to lunch yesterday...and we survived to tell the tale! Sure, we had a four adult to three kid ratio, but still. Everyone sat in a seat and ate. A novel idea. But if you have toddlers, you know what an accomplishment that is. :)

On Sunday we had an expected road trip to the middle of nowhere. I took pictures to prove it...but you know...where are they? I don't know!

If you could friends, please say a prayer for my family. The five of us Roberts are fine, but my extended family is going through a lot right now. A whole lot. And we need your prayers big time. If you don't know what to pray for, just pray that God's will be done. That's all.

The girls have physicals at the doctor today. Fun times! I'm really tired. And I need to stop my kids from getting into the refrigerator and swiping their 78375th string cheese this morning.  Have a happy Monday! I'm hoping for a bit of sunshine. And a nap. :)

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Heather said...

Good luck on that sunshine thing today!! Went out for lunch and got a feeling I needed to bring my umbrella back in to work with me for my walk to my car later.


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