Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evelyn's Birthday

I'm going to be honest, after yesterday I can't believe Evelyn is STILL having another birthday party, because our family day would have been more than enough! It was a great day, and I hope Evelyn will always remember it. I know I always will. :)

Eric couldn't wait to give Evelyn a birthday present right away in the morning, haha. She became the proud owner of a talking Sully doll (from Monsters Inc.), and while it kind of scared her at first, she loved it! There are two things that Evelyn talks about these days. 1) Her butterfly garden birthday, and 2) Going to the movie theater for the first time to see Monsters University. She is soooo excited, but more on that another day.

We all got ready for the day and headed out for lunch. First stop: Chuck E. Cheese. Say what you will about this place, our kids LOVE it, and we don't mind it, so there ya go. :)

I use the term "out for lunch" very loosely, as our kids didn't eat much lunch. More like mom and dad tried to shovel in salad and pizza as quickly as possible while holding back the children from all the fun. I'll tell you what, those flashing lights and sounds turn our kids into some kind of wild ravenous beasts. They were hopping over booth seats to get to the games, haha.

They would have been content to stay here all day. Just keep handing them tokens, and they're good to go! Even Reagan got his first "ride."

We did discover, however, that it is no easy task keeping track of three kids in public. I can't tell you how many times yesterday we lost at least one kid. But it was a lot. A lot of times. One parent has to go to the bathroom, and that's it - you're done. :) Obviously we are all home safe and sound, so it all worked out.

The only way we could've lured them easily out of our first stop was to tempt them with their second stop for the afternoon.

It has become kind of a tradition now to go to the Magic House on Evie's birthday. She definitely remembered it from the year before and was so excited to go back again! We could spend hours (and hours and hours) here.

There are so many nooks and crannies, little hidden gems around every corner...I can't think of any better place to spark a kid's imagination.

Evie's favorite stops are the Market and the Pizzeria. :)

I personally love the Oval Office, because I think it makes for the cutest pictures ever.

I'm not sure which one of our kids will be president some day, but one of them surely will. ;) We have three very different options.

President Reagan. "Don't mess with 'Merica." He looks especially authoritative in a rhino shirt. :)

Studious speech giver, President Evelyn.

Or wise-crackin President Gracie.

Who am I kidding, this kid already has the name. He's a shoe-in. :)

Don't mind Reagan's crazy hair. It dried funny from his bath, haha.

We spent the better part of our day here, and I loved watching the kids play!

But the fun wasn't over yet!

We packed into the car, the kids napped on the way home, we made dinner, and then we went out to officially celebrate Evie's birthday with cake! We decided to go to the park and let the kids play and have fun for the rest of the day. (As if they hadn't played enough, haha.)

My mom whipped up a little cake for Evie at the last minute - thanks, mom!

We were very thankful for a nice cool breeze after a very HOT day, but the wind kept blowing Evie's candles out! We tried and tried, but we ended up singing most of the Happy Birthday song without them.

I could tell Evie was a little disappointed, but she didn't complain about it. :) Then she pretended to blow out her candles, haha.

I love her.

She definitely perked up when she saw that there were a few presents for her to open. Yay for grandparents - she certainly has some great ones!

So many's hard for me to even soak it all in! I'm just really happy for a super fun day, and so THANKFUL that Eric was able to have the day off so that we could enjoy it.

One day of fun down, and more to come!


Joyce said...

Glad that Evelyn had an extra special day, because she is extra special. <3

Heather said...

Well dang!!! That is one fantastic birthday! I'm going to come celebrate with you all this year for mine. You certainly know how to party it up!

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather. We'll take you to the SCIENCE CENTER! Watch out, fun times ahead! ;)

Cassie said...

this is great! i totally could have handled a day like that. lol.

happy birthday evie!


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