Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eric!

What a wonderful weekend full of celebrating! It felt like we were going non-stop...and that's probably because we were. There were birthday parties and baby showers galore, and I had lots of fun celebrating life with friends and family! 

Speaking of birthdays....

Happy Birthday, Eric!!! My husband turns 26 years old today. Gosh DERN I love that man. I have hallelujah moments at random times just thinking about him and how blessed I am to have him. He truly is my best friend. So of course, today is all about him around here. Thought I'd share some thoughts about the one I call my darling. 

10 Things I Love About My Man

1. He smells amazing crazy good. Always has. It's how he snatched me up! :) 

2. People can love 'em or hate 'em, but he generally likes everyone and treats even those who have wronged him with kindness and respect. He forgets things easily and doesn't hold grudges. I don't, honestly, know very many people who are like that. 

3. He is a really, really good dad.

4. Eric is not quick to believe gossip or hearsay. Whether it be about someone he knows or something going on in the world, he's like a walking Snopes, haha. Somehow, he always gets to the bottom of it.

5.  I feel very blessed to have a husband who loves and respects me, encourages me, and sacrifices on my behalf. He's my biggest cheerleader. 

6. Eric gets better looking every stinkin year - which is totally not fair, by the way. Whew, not gonna lie. Mildly attracted to that man. 

7. He is intellectually stimulating. Love my nerd.

8. Even when my hair is a rat's nest and I'm still wearing the clothes I slept in when Eric gets home from work, he tells me I'm beautiful every single day. That never gets old.

9. He asks my opinion and trusts my judgement. 

10. Eric works hard, sets goals, and makes things happen. He is assertive but respectful. He is rarely intimidated or nervous. He treats strangers on the street and officials in suits all the same. He smiles and waves as he passes, and he holds elevator doors. He is proof that chivalry isn't dead. He believes in integrity, that morals matter, and that some things are forever sacred. He has a heart for the unborn and for all children, everywhere. He loves God and calls him Father. His eyes crinkle when he smiles, and just being around him makes ME want to be a better person.

Okay, so I cheated with number 10. Couldn't help it!

Lest you think Eric always sends my heart aflutter, there are definitely some things that drive me crazy about the one I love. And on birthdays, it's totally okay to roast someone, too. In fact, it's encouraged. Haha.

10 Things that drive me CrAzY about my Man 

1. It drives me crazy when...we sit in the driveway for 5 minutes before we can go anywhere, because Eric has to find just the right music or podcast to play. (In other words, every time we get in the car!)

2. It drives me crazy when...Eric drops his work clothes on the kitchen floor, two feet away from the washing machine. BAHA - he knows I hate that one.

3. It drives me crazy when...Eric imitates me in a really annoying high-pitched squeaky voice. It's nice to know he thinks I sound like a mouse in a tin can. :)

4. It drives me crazy when...Eric's "turn" to hold the baby lasts 2 minutes. "Oh, looks like he wants his mommy!"

5. It drives me crazy when...Eric attempts death-defying stunts with our children in strollers. Like on escalators in the mall, ay yi yi... He'll never live that day down. ;)

6. It drives me crazy when...Eric says he hates the beach. No way, dude!

7. It drives me crazy when...Eric makes fun of me for my driving disabilities. :D

8. It drives me crazy when...Eric has a birthday, and he's STILL younger than me. That's not his fault, I just don't like it.

9. It drives me crazy when...Eric comes to me with one more thing he's volunteered for, one more thing he's responsible for, one more thing he wants to try to do. He is a busy guy!

10. It drives me crazy when...Eric and I have to work together on a project. We suck at it. It's amazing how our opposite personalities can make a marriage work, but give us a very specific task to complete and our different approaches do NOT mix. We can't even bag groceries together at Aldi without making fun of each other. True story. :)

Love you, dear! ;)

It's hard to really understand Eric unless you've lived with him. Before we started dating, even I didn't realize all of the talents he possessed and all of the facets of his personality. He wears many hats.

We love you, Eric. 

Evelyn says: Happy Birthday, daddy! I love you so much!

Gracie says: Birthday cake!

Reagan doesn't say anything, but he loves you! :)

We can't wait for you to get home from work today! We hope you have a great birthday, and here's to an amazing year. It's gonna be a good one!


Heather said...

Love this! Happy Birthday Eric!!

Cassie said...

awww happy birthday eric! even though i have never lived with him, that would be weird, we did have five years of school together and i have always thought that's one guy that has his stuff together. the dad he is to your babies is awesome. makes me completely jealous. hold on to that. they are hard to find. and you have a great one!

happy birthday!

Eric Robert said...

Thanks for the great post, palsy. I love you!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Adrien said...

Haha, Cassie, that would be a time of his life I had no idea about. ;)

Thanks, everyone!

Katie said...

So sweet :) Happy belated birthday, Eric!

April Robert said...

Adrien I love this post. Happy belated birthday Eric!


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