Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Evie!

We were very busy bees yesterday celebrating a "last" for our family. Ever since I read that darn book I can't help but try to savor those moments that come up that you can't get back again.

Yesterday was Evie's last day as a three year old. I can no longer say that I have "Three children three and under!" Evelyn is the pioneer child in our family, reaching every new stage first and paving the way for her younger siblings. As I'm typing this, it's getting very close to midnight. I can't forget to go and kiss my oldest daughter one more time when she's just three years old. Tomorrow morning she'll wake up a brand new girl! Okay, not really. But you know what I mean. :)

Evie had so much fun yesterday playing, swimming, eating yummy barbecue, and just generally wearing herself out. It was a very good day for a last, indeed. She said goodbye to three by passing out on the couch, haha.

Evelyn will never live down that she is our "honeymoon baby." Our souvenir brought back to a brand new life for Eric and me. We were just starting out ourselves, and she was along for the ride. When I look at her I see the evolution of our family, and she is an exact physical representation of the marriage and the beginning of "us."

Today Evelyn is four - Happy Birthday, Evelyn! She is our smart, goofy, imaginative, beautiful firstborn, and she puts a smile on our faces daily.

As I contemplated exactly what to say to mark today's occasion, I thought about life when Evie was a baby and how I would sit and wonder about the girl that she would become. And if I could have had the ability four years ago to read this blog as a glimpse into the future, what would I want to tell myself about Evelyn to prepare me for what was to come?

I think I would say this....

She is exactly everything you are hoping and dreaming she will be.

Evelyn is kind and makes friends easily. Make sure to give her the opportunity to make a lot of friends, and take that girl to the park, because she loves it!

There are some things that are going to come up that might scare you a little at first...but they are totally FINE, so save yourself the doctor's bills. You'll decide not to have that surgery on her toes, her eyes are just fine...she is a little pigeon-toed and that's just endearing, and I promise you she WILL get teeth, just not until you've celebrated her first birthday. :)

Mama, HIDE THE SCISSORS. Your daughter will loooove to cut things. Including her hair. Multiple times. And paper shreds, all over the house. Better yet, never even use scissors in front of her so that she'll have no idea that they even exist or what they are used for. You think I'm nuts, but trust me on this one.

Take time to really talk to Evie and listen to her babbling back to you. Evelyn LOVES to talk and tell stories. I know you're wondering what her little voice will sound like, and believe me, you will hear a lot of it in a few years! (It's a cute little Minnie Mouse voice - all girl!)

Here's one that you need to be sitting down for. (Are you sitting?) You're going to be pregnant again, soon. Very, very soon. I know that you're freaking out right now, are giving Evelyn the best most precious gift you could ever give her.

And finally, hug her, hold her, kiss her, cuddle her as much as possible at every stage, every step of the way. She will grow FAST. Soon it will be hard for you to hold her for very long. Soon she will be giving you her forehead when you ask for a kiss. (You'll steal kisses, anyway!) Soon she will be very independent. Don't wish her babyhood away. She is your firstborn, and you'll never get those firsts back again. :)

Sigh. A big four year old. "Oh how the years go by," as Amy Grant would say. ;)

We're going to have a really fun day today...the girls have no idea. Eric did get the day off, and we're going to celebrate our baby girl all day long.

Happy Day!

 Peace. Haha.


sblind2 said...

AWE - happy 4th birthday, honeymoon baby!! can't wait to celebrate at your butterfly garden party :-)

Heather said...


Happy Birthday Evie!! I hope you enjoy it!!

Sara Simpson said...

Happy birthday!!!!! Hope you all had a great day celebrating.


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