Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Once again I have to blog fast today - the poor blog suffers this time of the year! But so much as happened since last Thursday, I have to put something down or I'll forget!

The girls did fine with their oral surgery on Thursday morning. Both of them needed more work than expected, which is common, and I can't say that I'm happy with the results. They don't have the same smiles and Gracie has had severe tooth sensitivity on two of her teeth and has barely drank anything for days. It's really stressing me out, and honestly, I'd just rather NOT talk about it. I get upset, and I need to get over the whole "my babies don't have the same smile" thing, because there is nothing I can do it about it. They are baby teeth, they'll fall out eventually.

Putting your kids under anesthesia for any reason is kind of a scary thing. I've never been put under myself, so this was a totally new experience for me! As expected, Gracie had a rough time coming out of it, but she was fine after about a half an hour or so. Evelyn just slept and slept and finally she woke up like she was just waking from a morning nap, haha.

By the time we were home that afternoon the girls were running around and being their silly selves. So...we went shopping. :D Thursday and Friday evenings were spent at the mall tracking down Fall and Winter clothes for our kiddos at the RBS sale. We got quite a few things, but I'll still have lots of shopping to do. ;) Evelyn will actually have to WEAR CLOTHES every day starting this Fall since she is going to school. Like so many of your children, mine prefer to just run around in as little as possible, haha.

On Saturday we attended a trivia night and silent auction for Diane Nicholson, who is undergoing treatment for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. It was a really fun night for a great cause! Eric got the one thing he really wanted to win at the auction: a clothing steamer thingamabob - I can't remember what it's called. :) Woohoo, we're an exciting bunch!

As I was trying to get myself and three kids ready while making dinner before going out Saturday evening, I hear "Mooom, Reagan's eating something!" coming from the living room. Say what? My kid doesn't even have teeth!

Gracie slipped him an oreo! It was all over him, the couch...everything! So I had to stop everything and clean my child, haha. Not before taking a picture, of course. :)

Yesterday was fabulous. Usually our Sundays are full of stuff we need to get done, but we decided we needed a day to just go with the flow. Went to church, had lunch during a rain storm, came home to relax, went shopping for a few necessities, and took a nice long walk. Eric and I have started watching Parenthood on Netflix, and we're really enjoying it! We needed to pick a summer show, and that's what we picked. :)

Here we are, back at Monday, and my house needs HELP. We've been running around like fools, and I've got chores to do. Sorry for the fast, choppy update. That is life right now. Fast. And choppy. Haha. I'm still waist deep in VBS prep and birthday party planning. I'm so behind on everything!

Evie's birthday is this Wednesday. Four years old - waaah! I'm hoping Eric can get the day off. We'll see!

Happy week!


Heather said...

I LOVE Parenthood. Definitely one of the best shows out there.

Meagan said...

Not going to oreo was NOT the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first picture of Reagan!! LOL

Agree, Parenthood is sooo good! Get your tissues ready though, I do lots of ugly crying watching that show!

sblind2 said...

I started watching Parenthood on Netflix too then watched the season that wasn't on there online and I cried every episode!! Now ... I'm not into any shows so I'm starting over on Netflix and I'm STILL tearing up even tho I know exactly what's going to happen - enjoy - it's a great show!

Adrien said...

Aw man, this means Eric is going to be making fun of me A LOT. Haha. Good to know that it stays so good!

Stephanie Scutari said...

we watched a little bit of parenthood, then, yeah not really into watching shows that portray what you are going through in real life, ya know? but I liked that they did an episode featuring Autism Speaks (sorry if you haven't gotten that far)


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