Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bikes and Cake

^^ Because I am really tired, and I can't think of a title. :)

Hey friends! Checking in. I got really side-tracked yesterday with a project. Do you want to know the true test of whether or not you've decided once and for all, for SURE that you don't plan to have any more kids? Have a yard sale, haha. It forces you to really think. To sell it or not to sell it? That is the question.

I am 80% sure I'm done having kids. I was probably more like 90% sure until I walked into the basement and could NOT bring myself to part with the baby gear. What if?? I just can't commit one way or the other yet. :) (I have no desire whatsoever to be pregnant, for the record, and my heart feels plenty full. There is no baby ache. I just don't want to close any doors at 27 years old. Every time I make a plan, God changes it!)

In other news, here are some photos from our Sunday afternoon: the girls riding bikes in their church clothes. Haha.

I tried to take a picture of Reagan, too, but we were a little close. :)

After bike riding and lunch that afternoon, we all enjoyed a piece of Evie's prize cake! My child was so proud of herself for winning a cake on her first try at the Catholic picnic the night before. She chose this one all by herself. 

It looked a little melty by then, but it tasted great. :)

She got the biggest kick out of asking each of us if we wanted some cake. Love her.

It's a lazy week after one of complete chaos around here. Sigh...I will take it! I have some plans...we'll see if they happen. If they do, awesome. If they don't...cool. It's all whatever. I'm making lunch, and then I might take a shower. Sometimes this stay at home mom gig isn't so bad; though, it might not make for a very interesting week in blogging. Tomorrow's title might be, "Pajamas and Channel Surfing." We'll see. :)

Peace out.


Heather said...

Let me know if you do have a yard sale! I know you have some CUTE baby girl clothes hidden away in that house!

Adrien said...

I'll definitely let you know! :)


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