Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Enjoying the Fruits of Nature

...and my mom and dad's manual labor. Haha.

If there is one thing we really love about summertime, it's all of the fresh fruits and veggies we get to eat that come from my parent's house! We've been enjoying lots of salads and organic vegetables and fruits for the past few weeks. Yesterday the kids and I visited my parents, and we came home with some more goodies of our own. :)

My parents aren't farmers and they don't live in the country; in fact, they live right in the middle of town. But they do have an awesome garden, a strawberry patch, blueberry bushes, peach tree, and several apple trees. My mom obviously possesses some kind of green thumb that I simply do not have, haha. 

I couldn't even tell you all of the things that are growing in that garden. From your typical green beans, lettuce, squash, and tomatoes, to a variety of melons and more. When we're ready for dinner at my mom and dad's, my mom literally walks outside and picks something for us to eat. It's all fresh and chemical free, which I love. 

Reagan can't eat all of the foods that we do just yet, but he sure does love swinging in front of the garden, haha. He never wants to be taken out of that swing!

The peach tree yielded a lot of fruit this year, and after my mom worked up and froze a bunch herself, she sent over a big bowl for us, too. I needed a way to use some of them up, so the girls and I made a dessert this morning. We can't wait for Eric to get home tonight so that we can EAT it!

Fruit crisps are probably my favorite dessert. Better than cake, better than pie. Mmm...just love them. And peach crisp is my favorite of all. We combined a couple of recipes this morning to make (what I hope to be) a really yummy treat.

If you score and blanch the peaches for one minute in boiling water it makes them super easy to peel. It also brings out the flavor in any slightly under-ripe peaches. Dunk them in some ice water for just a minute and then peel away!

Ignore the groceries on the counter, I just wanted to show you how much I love the topping, haha. I doubled the recipe, because it's my favorite part. :)

And yes, we do eat Ramen. If I let her, Evelyn would eat "squiggly noodles" every day for lunch, haha.

When the fruit starts bubbling through the top, you know it's almost done. Here is how ours turned out.

Since I'm not 100% sure of the recipe, I'm going to wait until we get to sample it before I share what we did. I'll put it here tomorrow if anyone is interested. And if this doesn't taste like dirt. Dear Lord, don't let this taste like dirt!

I can't wait to chop up some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers for a garden fresh salad tonight. Mmm...keep it coming!


Heather said...

Oh yum. And I'm with Evie. I am a Ramen Noodle freak. Apparently so is Kinley.

Meagan said...

We love Ramen too!!

I would love the recipe...if it turns out good! ;)

Christine Pettijohn said...

I want to come to your house for supper.

Katie said...

I'm envious of your mom's garden! That's my dream one day :)

And Ramen was always our sick day lunch when my Dad was home with us and we weren't feeling good...I loved it!


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